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Monthly Archives: April 2016


Wonderful, wonderful weekend. Good friends, good food and good hooking (punching, felting, wiring etc.)… So without further ado here are some pix of what was being worked on or finished…

Karen’s Old Tattered flag watering can and bag done in a Tipp City class with Ali Strebel and Karen Kahle…HPIM6487

I was finishing the hooking of a rug for someone who realized hooking was not for them – a pattern by Woolen Memories…HPIM6489

Betty hooked her Deanne Fitzpatrick fish pattern in hmm a day!…HPIM6490

Elizabeth finally finished the sky so I did not have to dye again – this is one of the Karla Gerard patterns I carry called Sheep Farm and oh I loveeeee it…HPIM6491

Betty’s sunflower rug…HPIM6492

Sheila’s lovely rug (I call it bar codes!)…HPIM6493

and her amazingggg landscapes all done in yarns and sari silks…HPIM6494


Linda’s fun geometric…HPIM6496

Betty’s landscape from her class with Deanne…HPIM6497

Louise’s horse punch needle…HPIM6498

Donna’s primitive portrait of her son and his dog done so that it looks like an 1800’s painting…HPIM6499

Louise’s punch needle pieces…HPIM6500

Andrea’s cat… HPIM6501

and crazy cat… HPIM6502

The other Betty’s piece done in a class with Donna van Dusen…HPIM6503

and a lovely basket of flowers…HPIM6504

Sandi’s amazing rug started in a class with Pam Bartlett…HPIM6505

Helen’s Butters… ready for framing…HPIM6506

and two more pieces…HPIM6507

and oh I love this crazy cat…HPIM6508

Chris did Harley who sadly passed away…HPIM6509another of Louise’s punch needle pieces…

Laura’s reallllllly primitive horses (or dogs!)…HPIM6511

Jill’s primitive stuffed cats – almost took these home with me but her cats would not have been happy…



and Diane’s punch needle piece mounted inside a cheese box lid… (finishing helped along by our queen of finishing – Wendy!)…HPIM6514


today at Burritts Rapids community centre. We had a great turnout of hookers eager to spend their dollars and oh my what wonderful items we had up for grabs – cutters, frames, wool, patterns and beautiful rugs hooked by a former member who donated them to our auction. I tried to grab one of these stunning rugs – all in wide wide cuts and glorious colours – but was outbid! but very happy to see these rugs move to new homes where they will be finished and enjoyed for years to come. I did manage to score a lovely old rug of one of the houses in Munster hamlet. It is aged and has not one ounce of wool in it and I love it!!! All this was topped off by a delicious lunch served by Sharon and Joanne and then!!!! once the accounting was all done we all headed home loaded down with our lovelies! But on the way hmmm a little side trip to Millers of Rideau Ferry (our favourite junkman) where I found, ohhh be still my heart – a maple syrup scum skimmer!!!! Now noone but me would love a scum skimmer! but it is so funky and grungy and old! I am thinking a punch needle could be quite interesting on this piece!


Image 1

So, tomorrow, off to Camp Iawah for our weekend retreat. So excited – will be a lovely weekend of yup – hookin, no cookin (well not much of that happens here anyway but the hookin part has sorely suffered and that is to be remedied this weekend).

Hope to post some great pix next week…


How many years have I been posting on wordpress and never until the last few posts have I had a problem.  I think the mice have moved into my computer!  I am going to post the pix from my class this past weekend on primitives and try to find my original post which seems to have disappeared into cyberspace. I apologize for the multiple posts landing in peoples in baskets… lets try this again!!!!….











Our weekend of working on discovering the elements of primitive rughooking, designing and colour planning was such fun. Thank you ladies for making it a great weekend and for your eagerness to walk on the “wide side” (number 8! versus hmmm 4, 5 and 6)

PRIMITIVE CLASS…and animal invasion!!!!!


Delande’s beautiful Narwhal (designed by her daughter)…Image 5

Louise’s colourful Cats Paws… a great way to use up scraps althoughhhhh if memory serves me Louise bought a LOT of wool to ADD to those scraps…


and Helen’s amazing finished miniature punch needle of her cat Butters…

Image 1





UGH… something is definitely wrong with my blog today!!! I think the COMPUTER needs a coffee!!!!

Image 4


well let’s try this again (time number 3) – guess I reallllly need more coffee!!!!

A few to share…
Shastin’s rug (one of the Karla Gerard patterns I carry) done in punch with the Oxford punch needle and yarn – lovely!!! Image 3

Mike does beautiful wool appliqué and I love the way the pumpkin is padded in this piece (pattern by Debora Tirico – Autumn Harvest Penny Rug)…

Image 2

and Sara’s second punch needle – a mossy 3 toes sloth – love this little guy and the hairy looking back – what a great job…



Yikes, I totally forgot to post or update about yesterdays morning at Stitch by Stitch. Despite my oversight and REALLLLLLY UGLY WEATHER we had a few diehards show up and spent a fun morning hooking, whipping, punching and chatting. Did I have a camera – nope! I am now so used to Gord following me around with his iPhone clicking away that I have forgotten to carry my camera with me so no photos of Kit’s beautiful rug and Linda’s completed rug. But, hopefully, I will get to take photos of them another time.  Next Stitch by Stitch morning will be May 11(Wednesday).

However, I do have a couple of pix of completed rugs to share…

Karen’s rug (a design available from Carol Shewan) for her new grandson… (oh why do I want to yell… RUN, FORREST, RUN!)…
Image 1

and Ruby’s rug hooked in an online class with Deanne Fitzpatrick…


Hungry mouths crowded around the steps (a few days ago when it was nicer out – today they are covered with snow but stillllll hungry!). The little one on the right is last year’s baby and like a little dog – follows me as I carry the bucket of food around.

Image 1

Hope your day is a little brighter than it is here… if not – a good day to hook!



What a wonderful way to spend a day and be inspired – and there are sooooo many to go to this spring – yesterday’s hookin hosted by the Olde Forge guild in Ottawa was fabulous. A great new location with more than enough room for everyone, 7 super vendors, delicious food (how is it that on little tiny finger foods I can gain 1 1/2 pounds!!!! – oh yeah, if you fill the plate 3 times hmmm that might explain it), and beautiful rugs for show and tell. Well, all of that and the fun times with like minded hookers! Of course we were sooooo busy that I did not take pix so visit the Olde Forge website and soon there will be pix posted in the gallery (

And morrreeee hookins to come – Moira Mat Makers will be holding their hookin May 28 starting at 9:30 at the Quinte Sports and Wellness Centre in Belleville; Prescott Hoops and Hooks celebrate with a 30th anniversary hookin starting at 9:30 on June 29th at the Cardinal Legion in Cardinal (contact to register); Westport hookin July 5 starting at 9:30 in Westport at the Lions Club beach and not to be missed the OHCG 50th Anniversary Annual April 30th weekend being held at Deerhurst Resort in Huntsville (open to the public on Sunday).

I hope some of you can make it to at least one of these wonderful events – sure to inspire and excite you (and clear those unwanted dollars from your wallet!).

Also coming up on April 21 is our own Rideau Valley Boots and Baskets annual auction. We will have wonderful rughooking related items for sale – wool, patterns, books, cutters… Open to the public from 11 – bring your coffee cup. We will have lunch served by Joanne and Sharon (if you came last year you know this is delicious). We are located in Burritts Rapids at the community centre.  Hope to see you there… Please remember we are a NO SCENT ENVIRONMENT so bring your wallets but leave your perfumes 🙂 at home.

And now a few pix:

Amie sent me this picture of her first finished piece – Pine Tree (one of my kits). I think she did a wonderful job… Image

And Susan’s beautiful needle felted pieces (check out her website at )


Image 1