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Monthly Archives: December 2014


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that you all made lots of wonderful new memories.  The weather certainly has cooperated – nice dry roads in our area which is great for travelling. So for those travelling for New Years be safe and may 2015 be filled with good friends and fun hooking adventures.

A few rugs by friends to share with you:

Sheila’s version of a Karla Gerard Abstract Paisley (reduced) …


Trish’s bench pad…Image

Oh a few snow people from Jillian’s Antiques ‘n Things…Image

Ti’s rug done in the widdddde cut class she took with Karen Kaiser…Image 1

And her Chicken rug…Image 2

and dear Linda with HER rug from Karen’s wide cut class…Image 3

and Fish Tych hooked by Judy… Image

hmmmm have I been shamed yet into finishing my OWN Fish Tych… welllll almost!!!!!


Christmas will be a little quieter and a little sadder for my family this year. But in the hopes of making things a bit more normal for all of us I decided to put up my, as my dad would have called it, “ugly” primitive Charlie Brown Christmas tree. I love my tree – it is sparse and yup a little ugly but full of wonderful hand made ornaments that I have collected and have received over the years from friends. It has place of pride in my living room and the minute I put it up I feel the spirit of Christmas descend on my home. So up went the wreaths (bought a new fresh one and then realized I had bought a beautiful primitive one last year that was hmmm indestructible so now we have 2). Some Christmas music and hmmm maybe I should bake. Wellllllll that was a disastrous thought – I have not baked in so long I forgot what to do. Ahhhh Scottish shortbread – so deadly delicious and so easy! I thought! Threw the flour, lumpy brown sugar and a big chunk of butter and some salt into the bowl and started beating. Wellllllll it was a WHITE CHRISTMAS in my kitchen! Yup, I forgot – you are supposed to beat the butter first and add the sugar and THEN add the flour – not mix them all together at the same time. So things went a little crumbly – what to do. Welllll butter can fix all manner of errors so in went a bit more butter – hmmmm now the batter was too soft so add more flour. Well I then had a rather lumpy mass (or is that mess) in the bowl but it really tasted good :-). So since it would no longer roll out I made balls, squashed them down on the cookie sheet and baked. The house smelled wonderful! and the cookies actually (although they are not pretty) taste delicious. Then a great big batch of molasses ginger cookies and I was done. Or maybe that is DONE IN!. So a few pix to share … Lisa’s wonderful sheep rug Image Although I could not be part of our annual Christmas party and gift and ornie exchange there was a surprise package full of these amazing ornies for my tree… Image 1 Anne made this rug which is a pattern from Cathy at Orange Sink…Image Ruby’s beautiful scrappy rug done with dirties…Image 3 and her little tiny scrappy rug done with snippets of dirties…Image 2and my wonky tree festooned with hand made ornies by my amazingly talented friends… HPIM5903 HPIM5902 HPIM5904 AND SO FROM OUR HOUSE TO YOURS – HAPPY HOLIDAYS. MAY YOU SPEND WONDERFUL MOMENTS WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS…  HPIM4074(one of the 4 season patterns I carry by designer Joni Black)


Thought I would share a picture that really  made me laugh – although I am thinking there may be a lot more snow down in the northern U.S. than there is around our place at the moment…   Image   Judy’s beautiful rug (a Deanne Fitzpatrick pattern)Image some more Proddy Sunflower pillows by LyndaImage 1 Image 2 and a rug done by Ros in my textures class recently… ImageBetty’s finished SquirrelImage 3 and Karen’s Poppies rug (pattern by Sharon Smith)Image and fish head by JudyImage and yes that wonderful snowman pattern by Karen is now available – contact me if you would like more info…