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And here they are – the pix of the rugs created by our 2 classes – ages 8 – 14…pretty amazing. There were wool strips, yarns, buttons and bling used in the rugs…




HPIM5602and the following pix are the pieces done in the other art class taught by Hilda…

HPIM5603 \HPIM5605

HPIM5606For those of you who have hooked the 2 Fully Wooly Primitives patterns I have carried in the past i.e. Market Day and A Winter’s Day, I now have Spring 1811 and Summer 1811. They have not yet been hooked, although I do hope to start one this week, but if you are interested in info please contact me. The patterns are the same size as the others i.e. 42. x 13 and the price is $50.00. Thank you Joni for sending me these patterns…




Before I leave for camp I thought I would mention that while I was posting pix of the rugs on display at the annual there were a few people who were interested in the Pfunny Sheep designs i.e. who sold the patterns. WELLLLL it appears it is our own Linda Low from Newfoundland who has the rights to sell these patterns. I am posting a few pix of these wonderful, pfunny designs. However, please contact Linda directly at as there are quite a few more designs available. She can also tell you the price for the pattern, the backing and the shipping.

copyrighted designs by Jan Shade Beach are available as rughooking patterns only through Linda Low who owns a contract with Jan. Please contact Linda Low for pricing


Image 4

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Linda’s funky fish which was also on display in many versions at the annual:Image


yesterday was wonderful! Somewhere between 80 – 100 hookers in attendance from as far away as Oshawa, Pennsylvania, Ottawa etc. The weather could not have been better – sunny but cooler with a wonderful breeze and barely any humidity! My kind of weather!!! I met up with friends I only get to see once a year which was fun. Took a few pix but it was so busy that I could not get around to take pix of the rugs everyone was working on but you can see that everyone was having a great time. We even had LIVE music all day! HPIM5593




Today is the last day of rug camp at Camp Iawah – we are holding a display of the work of our students and the students from the art class. Our youngest student is 8 and our oldest range from 13 – 14. I think you will be amazed at the creativity these girls show in their pieces. So off to make sure I have lots of batteries for the camera and will post tomorrow.

Next Thursday I will be a vendor at the Prince Edward District Women’s Institute Art and Craft Sale to be held in Picton. This is a fun show that runs from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. – in most of the buildings and outdoors at the Picton Fairgrounds. You can find out more about the show at

Hope to see you there…



I cannot believe it has been almost 2 weeks since I last posted – time just zips by these days. This week Linda and I have been teaching rughooking at Camp Iawah. Last year when Linda, Wendy and I taught we had a class of I believe 7 girls ranging from 11 to 15 years of age. The girls had a one hour class in the morning and then during their free time in the afternoon were able to come back and continue hooking. So this year we had a class of 5 in the morning. Imagine our surprise when all of a sudden 7 more new students turned up in the afternoon!!!! and then yesterday 5 more new students! In the end we had to cut back to a total of 13 students for the week because of limited supplies and space! I cannot believe how excited these girls are – as one of the girls said – it is so nice to exercise their brains and hands rather than bodies!

They are zipping along and I think a few of them may actually finish their pieces by the end of the week. Thanks to a generous donation from our Rideau Valley Boots and Baskets rughooking group and many hours spent by Vince and Gord making frames, and to a friends who donated amazing supplies of wool, yarn and  pre cut worms the girls are able to take along wool, frames and hooks at the end of the week to continue working on their pieces.  I hope to post pix of their pieces – either finished or in progress, later this week. And thanks to Wendy and Linda for their help getting the girls hooking!

So tomorrow I will be away from Camp vending at Karen Kaiser’s outdoor hookin. If you have never been it is a wonderful day – weather promises to be cooler, dryer and not rainy so it should be perfect.

And have I been hooking you ask? In fact – yes! but I decided to try something very different and cut up some recycled sweaters that I had felted and hook with those and a recycled blanket and I am totally amazed at how wonderfully they hook up. So later this week I hope to post pix also of what I have done.

In the meantime, Heather sent me a picture of her first completed piece – wonderful texture in this seagull!Image

And Nancy sent me a picture of a wonderful Carol Feeney pattern that she hooked:

Image 3



The other day Judy came for a dye class and brought along a few of her rugs for show and tell. They are magnificent:

Carol Feeney pattern:HPIM5578

Deanne Fitzpatrick pattern:HPIM5579

Carol Feeney pattern in progress:HPIM5580

And yesterday Peri brought her beautiful turtle rug(her own design):Image


What a day. We all arrived prompt and early with wayyyyyy too many goodies in hand and Betty quickly got us to work on our braiding. By about 11:30 we had accomplished hmmmm well actually  quite a bit and by the end of class at 3:30 either some of us were totally done (overachievers!) or almost done!

It was a fun day with lots of wonderful samples of braided rugs and hooked rugs with braided edges and tons of info and help from our great teacher Betty. Even got instructions on how to butt my ends! but mostly we focused on making a circular table mat. Betty did try to challenge us to do a twelve strand braided rug – hmmmm – maybe not!

Anne, Karen, Me, Betty(not the teacher Betty but the other Betty), Sandi and seated Betty (our teacher) and Louise. Photographer – Liz…



and FIVE DAYS TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO JOIN THE BRAID – AGAIN! You would think that after doing this 3 times I would remember but each time seems like the first time. But it is done! My little paisley rug (design is part of the big Abstract Paisley by Karla Gerard). And it will look so good on the vintage blue table (which needs a bit of TLC and a good wax job to antique it a bit).


This Thursday I am taking a braiding class with Betty Gill – and I hope to learn HOW TO BUTT MY ENDS! without creating a big bump or spending so much time trying to figure it out.

Yesterday was a wonderful but somewhat breezy day – I finally was able to spend the afternoon on the pontoon boat. We floated – sometimes buffeted by heavy breezes – and I hooked. Three hours of hooking! Have not done that in a long time! Today rain – which is fine. Means I don’t have to spend the day weeding! and can plan out my next hooking project…

Hope you are all getting in some wonderful hooking time…




The last 2 days have been soooo lovely – we finally got rain, the weather cooled down tremendously, no humidity (well except for the rain!!). So yesterday, in between dyeing up pots of wool, I decided it was time to hit the gardens and weed. Well, as I was yanking weeds I remembered how much I LOVE GREEN and it is a darned good thing because momma deer has cropped off almost every bud or just cropped back the leaves till only mini stalks are left! Wish she could learn the difference between weed and flower and just eat the weeds! So, I will have gardens of green! with bits of purple thrown in because hmmm she does not like anything that is scented so lavender, sage, salvia all seem to survive her mealy time. However, this is who appeared at the bottom of the front steps 2 days ago and I realized quickly that a few missing flowers are worth it: Image

And while I am posting pix here are a few more from the Westport hookin and Glengarry Museum (please mark your calendars – we have booked the same location and same Tuesday in 2015 for our Westport Hookin – more info will follow closer to the date):


Image 2

Oh darn, you caught me!!!Image 3

Jocelyn, a fabulous hooker from Montreal…Image 4

See that guy on the right – HE’S the one who got me hooked – Tony Latham. Helen, in the middle, introduced me to Tony and that was the beginning of my obsession and addiction!…Image 5


Despite the heat and humidity there was a wonderful turnout for the quilt and rug and fibre show at the Glengarry Pioneer Museum. People came from Ottawa, Montreal, Kingston etc. for the display and demos. A frame was set up outdoors where novices could try rughooking which generated a lot of excitement and interest. All in all a wonderful weekend – plus!!!! I got to stay with Terri at her beautiful old log home filllllled with antiques and folk art. We were served delicious hamburgers and des hotdog steame (a Quebec delicacy!) for dinner and crepes for breakfast. NOTHING OUT OF A BOX! We took a tour of the property Sunday morning before heading for the museum and I spied an entire barn fullllllllll of treasures! May have to wrangle a reinvite – on a coooooler day! So a few pix of the show and displays:HPIM5535























A couple of people were asking last week about the pattern for the punkin pocket. Sandi thinks it came from I did try emailing as I did not see the pattern on the website but have not heard back yet.

Tomorrow I am heading to Stitch by Stitch again for the morning. Happy Canada Day to you all and for our American friends Happy 4th of July (in advance)…