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Monthly Archives: November 2015


What amazing weather we had this weekend – who would have imagined that in November we would be walking outside without jackets and boots as we spent our weekend at Camp Iawah. It was another wonderful weekend of hooking, eating (yup way or is that weigh too much as usual), laughing and sharing with old friends and new. We spent some time with the quilters enjoying their show and tell and then had our own show and tell. Some pix of our weekend work (finished and in progress)…

Helen’s mini landscapes…Image 28

Louise was working on 2 similar pieces which she will make into chair cushions…Image 26

Karen’ punch needle and wool applique…(so the iPad does not take the same quality of pix as the new iPhone – do I need an iPhone ???)…Image 25

Chris was working on snowman coasters – biggggggggg ones…Image 24

Andrea was triple whipping this sweet pony rug…Image 23

Jill hooked this piece in one day… Image 22

and hooked and finished these 5 sunflowers in a day… (and then took up punch needle on Sunday!)…Image 21

Susan who only ever works on HUGGGGGGE rugs – this was a special order from Deanne Fitzpatrick… Image 20

my Karla Gerard Blooming Circles runner – nope not finished!…Image 19

Some of the girls hooking and chatting… Image 17

Helen and Chris in their hooker Tshirts… Image 16

Betty started this piece in Deanne’s latest 3 day workshop in Amherst NS… Image 14

Jill brought along her 4 Joni Black runners…Image 13

Image 12

Susan’s Martina rug…Image 11

and another… Image 10

and her Briarwood Folkart rug (I still have one pattern like this in stock!!!)…Image 9

Ohhh be still my heart – Karen and Wendy just came back from an amazing workshop with Karen Kahle and Ali Strebel in Tipp City and this is Karen’s piece…Image 8

Helen was whipping up leafy coasters…

Image 4

Diane got inspired after Jill finished her sunflowers to make these up – yes we denuded the property of sticks!…Image 3

Donna’s beautiful rug started in a class with Evelyn Laurence at Sauder Village in hooking primitive portraits – based on 2 photos of her son when he was 2 and their dog…Image 2

Karen finished off her granddaughter’s rug – soooooo sweet!…Image 1

and Chris hooking away on her tulip rug…


It was a productive weekend for everyone – so sad that it is once again over 😦 … but we look forward to the next one!…


OOOOPs I made a mistake (happens really often too!). It was  not the Beaconsfield Hookers that Wendo visited but the Montreal Knitting Guild – which does have some hooker members! Thanks Dawna for the correction!



My dear friend, Wendo Van Essen (Fibre art by Wendo, handmaiden Canada) did a trunk show the other day for the Beaconsfield hookers! Not only did she show her wonderful needle felted pieces but she also brought kits to the trunk show annnnddd taught all the hookers how to needle felt the craziest snowmen (some look a little like melted ice cream cones – just my kind of snowman!). Here is a picture of the results of her workshop…

Imageand now a pix of Anne’s wonderful rendition of Mr. Wiennerrrr as Mr. Basset Hound (Seymour who apparently loves his mat and shares it with the cats)…

Image 1

OOOOOhhhhhh Iawah retreat weekend starts tomorrow!!! So excited! LOTS OF HOOKING!

Hmmm, did I mention Gord got the PINK I-phone – or as they call it rose gold! Yesterday he bought an otter box? (gosh there goes more wool money!) to cover the PINK! 🙂


Never let it be said that Gord cannot figure out a way to get around my frugalness. Earlier this year we changed our phone to an android and changed from a larger carrier to a smaller carrier because I am cheap and refused to pay what I consider crazy monthly fees. Wellllllll, the android did not sync with all our apple products! Gord was not happy!!!!  anddddd the cheaper carrier DID NOT WORK ANYWHERE except in big cities!!!! Which is not good when you live in the country where our biggest village has a population of 700 or as we do – in the bush! Gord complained and complained but I was adamant – we were not spending additional money to break out of the 2 year contract and upgrade the phone. WELLLL Gord managed to get around that quite easily! A week and a half ago I found his drowned phone lying in the driveway!!! soggy and not working! We did all the things they tell you to do with a drowned phone – hairdryer, vacuum and at the very end we popped it into my box of rice! Well nothing worked so in the end Gord DID GET his iPhone! and back to a big carrier so we actually get service in the bush! And now he is happy playing all day long with his phone! It never leaves his hand – of course this time he was smarter and bought insurance to cover loss, breakage and accidental drowning! But I must say it has come in handy and wow I NOW KNOW HOW TO USE A CELL PHONE as it is sooooooo easy (well probably because I am used to I pad and I Mac!). In addition, it seems to take amazing pix – here are a few Gord took the other day…


Those 2 bumps in the water are actually the heads of 2 otters – as we were coming home we saw 3 of them playing in the water, fishing, eating and making the funniest gacking sound (maybe they had fishbones stuck in their throats!)…

Image 2

Image 3

Image 5

Image 6

And now if only I could get a picture of I-Gord playing with his I-phone but of course it is attached to his fingers!


What a wonderful show Before the Rush was – amazing location, great artists and we were regaled by the music of one of our fellow artists and the delicious smells wafting up from the cafe! Then followed up by a fun Vendors Day in Burritts Rapids and the K-W Hookin in Baden! But now my shows are done and except for a couple of classes I am finished for the year. Which is a good thing as I have our Camp Iawah retreat this weekend(yeah I am actually going to hook again 🙂 and then am leaving later in the month for a few weeks in Florida!

and now for a few rugs by others…

Patricia finished Winter Town (one of my Karla Gerard patterns) and did such an amazing job – especially when you consider she just started hooking in mid September!… and her Snack Attack (her own design for a friend who loves sheep and daisies…Image 1


and Sandy’s first attempt at rughooking was my Fish Tych which she finished in 4 weeks…(took me a LOT LONGER 🙂


at the K-W hookin Barb showed me her Abstract Village – another of the Karla Gerard patterns I carry – this created quite a rush for the one remaining pattern I had with me so since returning home I have been busily drawing up this fun pattern for a few people…Image 1

and another Fish Tych done by Jo Anne ( who also has only been hooking for a few months!)…
Image 4

and Trish brought along her wonderful version of Mr. Wieeeeennnneerrr….