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First Blog Post

Ahhh thank God for youth who know how to use all this technology that is beyond me!  Had company for the last 6 days who have a very techno savvy son who set me up with a blog.  I am slowly but surely learning how to use it so bear with me as I post pix etc.  Today I posted info about myself and my studio, Hooked On the Lake, as well as pix of the various kits and patterns I sell.

I am so excited to have my blog – have been reading other peoples blogs for so long and that is a big part of my morning coffee.  I hope to be able to post info about events that I am attending, hookins that I am holding as well as pix of the amazing work done by the “hookers” I have come to know over the years.

Now lets see if I can figure out how to actually post this!….