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was fun – reconnected with a lot of people I have not seen in a while which is always lovely. But, ohhhhh the weather REALLY DID NOT COOPERATE!!! This has been an extraordinarily hot, steamy summer and I think it has been affecting a lot of people who would normally be out and about. There were busy times when waves of people came through but once the mid afternoon heat and humidity set it… things became pretty calm!  So, a big thank you to everyone who braved the heat – I know that I came home and hopped right into a COLD shower and into bed! And I luckily, was in the curling arena where it was a tad cooler (because of fans! and a cool concrete floor). I really felt for those vendors who were outside…

Now, a few pix of some of the vendors in our building – unfortunately, I did not get pix of the vendors in the other buildings and outside as hmmm, my photographer!! was not willing to brave the heat!!!!


My neighbour Bob who had the most delightful Scottish (Glaswegian) accent and made these pix out of pebbles!!! 






Ohhhh Krista made some amazing necklaces out of vintage and antique buttons – I was reallllly tempted by a few of them as I have a passion for buttons…IMG_0839



This vendor made wonderful frames and items out of slices of wood – I cannot even imagine the time it took to cut all those slices and then assemble them to fit together…IMG_0843


This was Daniel DeCouvreur who was participating in his first show ever and will be taking part in Tweed’s Art in the Park on July 30… IMG_0847

Lovely smells emanating from this booth of beeswax items…IMG_0848



Oh I see my intrepid photographer did make it into the AIR CONDITIONED building!!! Sawdust and Glass was the name of this Vendor…IMG_0851



Meredith sent me the following picture of her fun(ky) rug – Queen of the Sea – a pattern from Jane Steele of River House Hooking in Petite Riviere Nova Scotia… check out the frame made by partner Jim and the bling on the star…


Tomorrow we are off to Picton for the Women’s Institute show so today will be spent packing, prepping and maybe even sitting on the dock!!! and hooking!!!! well and finishing off  the coasters – the little fishes turned out to be such fun to hook – the finishing hmmmmmm maybe not so much fun!




at Karen Kaiser’s. Yup it was hot or should that be HOTTTTTT but there was an amazing breeze off the water that blew all that heat and humidity right into downtown Belleville! In fact, I think I even saw a few light jackets! or sweaters! The breeze by the afternoon got so strong that it kept blowing my suitcases shut – in fact one almost snapped off the hand of an unlucky hooker who was looking at patterns! So a lovely day at a great location with some amazing hooking going on. Did my little photographer take pix??? NOOOOO – I think he was having such a nice relaxing day that he forgot! Oh well – in the meantime I have a lovely rug to share hooked by Meghan – her first hooked piece! One of my Karla Gerard patterns beautifully hooked…


OH I stand corrected HE DID TAKE PHOTOS so here we go…

















Just finished staining the front steps, handrails and siding and now off to the dock and boat and a good long swim in hopefully cool deep water. Hope you have someplace to get some respite from this crazy non Canadian weather – be it lake, pool, AC or just a bathtub full of cold water!!! Enjoy…

Next Thursday I will be one of the vendors at the Prince Edward District Women’s Institute Art and Craft Sale in Picton – what a wild day this always is as busloads come to the show which is located in the fair grounds in downtown Picton and runs from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Come early if you are able to come as it gets busy and warm! 🙂


The weekend was perfect – weather a bit milder (well not as hot is probably closer to reality) and the location was lovely. Had a fun time chatting with the ladies from Martintown Wild and Woolly and visitors to the show. AND converted a few people to hooking! One of my neighbouring vendors was Linda of Silk Devine whose daughter came to help her on Saturday! Wellllll she was fascinated with rughooking and by the end of the day was well on her way with her project! The next day didn’t her sister join her and also start rughooking! What fun! They are adding in lots of moms Sari Silk ribbons – of course I offered up Linda’s stash for their use 🙂 .Image 12

So some pictures of the venue…Image 2

Image 28

Image 20

Image 11

Image 1

Image 18

Image 8

Image 6

Image 4the exhibits…

Image 36

Image 35

Image 32

Image 30

Image 29

Image 25

Image 27

Image 26

Image 24

Image 23

Image 21

Image 17

Image 16the demonstrations:

Image 19

Imageand the vendors…

Image 34

Image 14

Image 33

Image 9

Image 13

Image 5

Image 3

This Thursday I will be vending at Karen Kaiser’s wonderful Waterside hookin. This is always a lovely event – lovely grounds along the waterfront. Hope to see you there (well some of you!).

And now a few pictures sent by Krystyne of her beautiful needle felting…


Image 1

Image 2



WHAT A REAL ESTATE DEAL!!!!!   Linda just told me that hmmmm Gail is selling a whole farm for 250.00. No wonder I got no emails! lets change that to FRAME! 🙂 So much for spell check – it changes things I DON’T want changed and leaves the booboos! So a Cheticamp FRAME is the kind that Deanne Fitzpatrick uses – a big floor stand that you tie your hooking onto and then sit at to hook. It usually sells for HUNDREDS more than 250.00 so this farm oh I mean FRAME is a very good price!!!


these days – outside and ohhhhh disastrously inside!!! No, No, AC is working well!!! however memory is NOT! Turned on the stove and huge pot of water in my dye kitchen yesterday and promptly forgot all about it because the door was closed! Well at least! an hour later I walked into the room and the walls were literally running with water! and the pot had evaporated to half!!!! the amount of water. Things were mighty steamy! Thank goodness for dehumidifiers!!!! within a half hour things were somewhat back to normal! But now either I am going to have to repaint or wash all the walls because they are now covered with drip marks – OR do I just put in lower wattage light bulbs!!!! and hmmm forget about it!

Since my return from Vermont, I have to admit I have not been hooking a lot. Somehow I did something to my left arm during my class with Jon and it was probably aggravated by carving 3 wonderful fish last Wednesday with the girls. I whined a little during the carving and dear Linda, who was coteaching with Donna, helped me just a litttleeee bit with my fishes. They are lovely – not painted yet as I am still trying to decide – an old dirty black distressed over orange with spots? or funky greens and yellows? I am leaning towards the black with an old tack for the eyes and nails for fins – kind of punk fish!


But yesterday I did start hooking – fish coasters in wild colours – bright greens and yellows and blues! While I was away Gord volunteered me – door prizes for our lake association meeting (kind of slid that into an email one night) so I figured hmmm, what can people use – coasters! and living on a lake what is better than fish!!! Of course these are somewhat more tropical looking than our brown lake fish! But they will be fun…

Now a few things for sale. Gail in Belleville, has a Cheticamp farm for sale at 250.00. If you are interested please let me know and I can put you in touch with her.

And Wendy has an UNFINISHED oriental rug. This I think is in a number 5 cut or maybe it is a number 4 (all those little sizes look the same to me!) on burlap. Actually I just checked and she had written number 4 on the burlap. The wool seems to all be there – some already pre cut and some uncut. Size is about 3 feet by 2 feet. If you are interested please let me know – the price for the pattern and all the wool is 75.00 which is an amazing deal. As you can see from the picture there is not a ton of work left – border and background. Just looked again and I am sure that is bigger than a 4 cut! So let me know please if you are interested!


Francine sent me a picture of her finished piece. It was based on a photo of the aurora borealis and is lovely. Originally I was going to paint the wool for it but instead decided a few different dip dyes would work even better and I love love love the way the colours move from yellow to peach to mauve and into the darks. Dip dyes are such fun – as Francine said, she did a lot of cutting, but the end result turned out so beautifully.

Image 1

and Peri’s lovely Deanne Fitzpatrick nest…


Dyed up some wool (obviously NOT yesterday in the steam bath!) for sky for 9 p.m. one of the Karla Gerard patterns I carry. I consider this the primitive pile but I also did a spot dye in the same colours and love the way it turned out – however THAT is packed for the show this weekend at the Dunvegan Museum…



show at the Dunvegan Museum in Glengarry is coming up this weekend – July 16 and 17. I will be vending at this lovely show and hope that some of you can make it. For more information and directions see:

A Stitch In Time: 1860 – 2016
Join us from 11 am- 4 pm on July 16th and 17th for A Stitch in Time.

The Martintown Wild & Woolly Rug Hookers and the Twistle Guild of Glengarry will be on site both days. Organizers have planned for a full range of opportunities to see crafting in action and to try your hand at it yourself. Knitters, Swedish weavers, hand tatting specialists and crochet workers will be showcasing their talents as well. Several supply vendors will be attending to set up shop in the school house. The list includes “Flair with Fabrics” with Ruth from Chesterville, “Hooked on the Lake” from Westport with a collection of patterns and wool fabrics, “Apple Hill Alpacas” with wool and a vendor with a beautiful array of silks.

In addition to the wonderful displays, there will be homemade pies and other sweet treats for sale at low cost. Come enjoy the day and grab a bite to eat with the whole family! All proceeds from the food sold goes to the Glengarry Pioneer Museum.

Admission is only $10 for adults and $5 for museum members! There will be fun for the whole family, including a dozen different games for kids!

For more information, please contact

And a few pix sent to me by Jill, of our hookin in Westport:


Outdoors on one of the many porches…Image 1

Hard at work – well some 🙂 …Image 3

Our many door prizes and our silent auction (those 2 carvings were by our donor Doug Purdy)…Image 4

Reasonably quiet time…
Image 8Busy at Baa Baa Bundles…
Image 10

and at Carol Shewan’s…Image 11


To everyone who was able to come to our 3rd Annual Westport Hookin. It was a great day with WOW over 90 attendees! A big thank you also to all our door prize donors – we had over 70 door prizes so almost everyone got one! and also to all our helpers – kitchen and set up. Without all of you our day would not have happened!

The day was hot but not toooooo humid so some of our attendees could sit outside and enjoy the breeze from the lake. Inside the AC was on and it was a good thing because it was crazy busy – so busy in fact that I did not take one picture! So if anyone out there got some pix please let me know as I would love to post them.

We are already planning our hookin for 2017 so once the date is set I will announce it.

In the meantime, funds from the door, 50/50 raffle and silent auction are being donated to the Lions Club to help with all their many charitable activities, the Food Bank and Paws a local organization that spays and neuters feral cats.




Sue sent me pix of her completed Fish Bones made out of – CANDY WRAPPERS. As she said, she had to keep eating just the right candies to get the colour she needed (oh what a sacrifice) for her fibre. Then she embroidered and made the head and tail. What a fun fun interpretation of Fish Bones…

Image 1

Image 3

And Jill just finished hooking and putting together her turtle and he (Bernard!) is wonderful…Image 2

So tomorrow is our 3rd annual Westport Hookin – we are set up and ready for a fun fun day!… Hope to see some of you there…