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AHHHHHH, I loved Halloween as a child  and still do.It’s such a wonderful holiday for a hooked rug – so many great motifs – punkins, scarecrows, witches, crows, etc. but especialllllly Pumpkins!  Like many of you, I have hooked up a few Pumpkin rugs and am always tempted to hook up another. Here are some that I have had fun working on over the years… Have a great day and a super spooky evening!!!


Prize Pumpkin pattern by Threads that Bind…hpim1124

Crow and Pumpkin Pattern by Emma Lou Lais…hpim1493



Halloween Stroll pattern by Star Rug Company… (Love love love all the punkin people that Maria has designed)hpim3645

Oh wish I could remember the designer – a free pattern in one of my magazines a few years ago…hpim3679


Just a reminder our RVBB Vendor Day is this Thursday November 3. We will provide drinks and snacks – bring a mug and lunch and your $$$ and stock up on your hooking supplies. Burritts Rapids Community Hall on Grenville Street in Burritts Rapids.  Hope some of you can make it.

And now some more lovely rugs to share:

Anne’s lovely antiques…

This first piece is a grain sifter now housing a punch needle design by Old Tattered Flag…image

and this wonderful piece is a gout footstool… image-3

and Karen sent me a picture of her colourful completed Karla Gerard rug…



After the inspiration of the rug show we HAD to keep the excitement level up there! What better way to get the brain churning and the heart pumping but a little junking! Since we spent a good part of Wednesday viewing rugs and being inspired (and of course buying some MUCH NEEDED (or was that just COVETED!) wool and patterns we headed off early Thursday morning to 5 Corners Antiques in Essex Junction for a little additional shopping! WELLLLLL, we both (Diane and I) bought a few items that we will turn into treasures with either some punch needle or small hooked pieces. Spurred on by hubbies (Gord must have been feeling guilty about the golf watch he bought in the spring that cost so much it could keep me in wool for months!) we spent a few hours rummaging and came up with the following treasures:

Diane’s buys!


and mine… 

Hmmmm, looks like Diane out bought me! And of course she found a scoop after I had already bought mine with wonderful red paint and rust! Oh well – I can dab a bit of red on mine and age it up so it looks a bit grungier. I did find one later that had a big bite out of it!

Meryl sent me this picture of her recently completed Shelly Atkinson Streetscape colour planned by her and Bev Vandershoor with mounting and framing courtesy of Nick Vandershoor. Love this piece!!!


A little reminder about our Rideau Valley Boots and Baskets Vendor Day on Thursday November 3 in Burritts Rapids (community centre) from 11 – 2. We will be hosting a number of vendors including Carol Shewan, Cathy Ivory of Baa Baa Bundles, Maureen Robertson with her lovely yarns and handspuns, myself and a few other of our guild members who will have wonderful items for sale. Please join us (we are a scent free environment) – bring your mug and your lunch and your $(well lets make that $$$ 🙂 ). We are open to everyone!


Just returned last night from the Hooked in the Mountains rug show in Essex Junction, Vermont. What a wonderful show!!! So much beauty and creativity to share with you. We would have taken even more pix if the iPhone had not stopped taking pictures. Now I know usually I complain about my camera running out of battery power but this time it was the iPhone that let me down! It was FULL! How did that happen??? Well when we loaded the pix on the computer last night we realized that every second picture was a 2 – 3 second video!!! whyyyyyyyy… Apparently this is something new Apple has decided is necessary (or at least that’s Gords explanation). In any event, thankfully I had packed my 11 year old free camera and the rest of the pix were taken with it and only 2 recharged batteries!!!!

The rugs are amazing so if you have the opportunity to go to the show (it does, unfortunately, end tomorrow afternoon) do so! For us it was a 6 hour drive (well that did include many bathroom stops – and one junkin stop) lovely drive on Wednesday through the fall foliage… but it was worth every second of the drive to see these rugs. And, of course, to visit the vendors! So without further ado … (I have tried as much as possible to give credit to the hooker and designer of each piece either but I think I may have missed a couple 😦 – my apologies)…img_1221


Davey was one of the three featured artists (Davey Degraff, Jackye Hansen and Liz Alpert-Fay) and I am excited to say I am taking a class with her at the Green Mountain Rug School next June!!!)… The next few rugs are all hers… hpim6599







As we walked in Jane grabbed us and hauled us over to a presentation being given by another of the featured artists, Jackye Hansen, who is well known for her Waldeboro style rugs (raised and clipped hooking) (thank you Jane as we would probably have missed this very interesting presentation). These next few rugs are some of the ones Jackye had on display…




Roxy designed and hooked by Heather Wright… hpim6608

Nude designed and hooked by Jon Sullivan…hpim6610

Madame designed and hooked by Jane Sittnick…hpim6612

Golden Moment designed and hooked by Rae Harrell…hpim6614

Miscou Decoy designed and hooked by Jane Sittnick…hpim6616

The Old Lady’s Shoes designed and hooked by Louise de Tonnancour…hpim6618

Taylor’s Pork Roll designed and hooked by Weezie Huntington…hpim6621

So sorry to the designer and hooker as I missed the card for this one but decided it was too wonderful not to share…hpim6623

Dream Stream designed and hooked by Sandy Haller…hpim6625

Lovely display by one of the hooking groups… (I want those punkins!)…hpim6627


So sorry I know the designer is Margaret Shaw but did not get the name of the rughooker…hpim6633

Designer Tish Murphy and so beautifully hooked by Carol Murphy – this stool is just toooooo fun…


This amazing rug was designed and hooked by Nancy Thun and is entitled Mirror Mirror…img_1223

The Guardian designed and hooked by Dana Psoinas…

Heating with Wool designed and hooked by Anne Cox…


Mergansers designed and hooked by Jennifer Davey…img_1231

Under your Soles 1 and 2 (left and right) also designed and hooked by Jennifer Davey… and so very sorry but I could not read the label on the lovely centre rug…


A wonderful display of hooked pets (if you zoom in you should be able to see the name of the various rughookers)…


In Praise of Autumn designed by Blackbird Designs and hooked by Marilou Leclaire…


Flower Power designed by Carol Feeney and hooked by Carol Murphy…


Geometric designed and hooked by Susan Longchamps…img_1250

Mz Zinnia designed and hooked by Pam Bartlett…img_1252

Everything Comes Around designed and hooked by Julie Rogers…img_1254

The Muse designed and hooked by Dana Psoinas…img_1256

Autumn Memories designed by Lin Wells and hooked by Tricia Tague Miller…img_1258

Sultans #291 hooked by Yvonne Isabelle…img_1260

Daisies in the Sky designed by Martina Lesar and hooked by Jen Nunnally…img_1262

Rocking Chair Seat Pad designed and hooked by Barb Ackemann…img_1264

Molly’s Fall Tree designed by Molly Colegrove and hooked by Dawna Matthew…

Apothecary Rose designed by Karen Kahle and hooked by Janice McKnight…img_1271

Tessellating Oak Leaves designed by Beth Calabrese and hooked by Priscilla Heininger…img_1273

Coriolus designed and hooked by Anne Cox…img_1276

Crazy Horse designed by Alex and Alma Shelly and hooked by Alma Shelly…img_1278

Kensington OSV designed by Pearl McGown and hooked by Yvonne Isabelle…img_1280

Oh oh, the bottom rug is Happy Hour designed and hooked by Grace Collette but not sure about the top rug… img_1284

The Shaman designed and hooked by Dana Psoinas…img_1286

51 Shades of Purple designed and hooked by Heather Wright… img_1288

Ipswich Clammers designed by Pam Kirk and hooked by Denise Commons…img_1291

Cosmo adapted from Leigh Standley card and hooked by Judith Phillips…

If I lead will you Follow designed and hooked by Sharon O’Neill…img_1296

Mer-Cat designed by Margaret Shaw and hooked by Jaime Jacobs…img_1298

Angel and Sheep designed by Karla Gerard and hooked by Georgette Provencher…

Birds can Coexist adapted from a card by Vickie Sawyer and hooked by Judith Phillips…

With wings and Prayer designed and hooked by Sharon O’Neill…img_1302

The Road Home designed and hooked by Julie Rogers…img_1305

Girl and Basket designed by Karla Gerard and hooked by Suzy Senecal…

Geometric Hit or Miss Runner designed and hooked by Bonnie Olson…img_1309

Domestic Zoo designed by Sandra Porter and hooked by Jen Nunnally…img_1311

Birds in the Border designed by Lin Wells and hooked by Jane Griswold…img_1314

Oh To Dance with Flowers designed by Heart to Hand and stitched by Peggy Stanilonis…img_1316

Primitive Flower designed and hooked by Noriko Manago…img_1332

Jane’s Magdalena designed by Norma Batistini and hooked by Jane Griswold…img_1334

Mr. Iggy designed by Star Rug Company and hooked by Dorothy Walsh…img_1336

Colonial Table Runner designed by Cheryl Brubaker and hooked by Sharon Jerome…img_1338

Nouveau designed and hooked by Grace Collette…img_1340

A Sheep named Goat designed by Fabric Foote and hooked by Lynn Soule…img_1342

Chilly Winter Evening designed and hooked by Sue Barton-Kelly…img_1344

Carmi Sunrise designed by A. Dunne and hooked by Anita Rogers (top)…

Picken Apples designed by Jodi Desjardins and hooked by KC Carr (centre left)…

Good Morning designed and hooked by Beth McDermet (centre right)…

15 Mile Falls designed and hooked by Roberta Smith (bottom)…


Beyond the Bridge designed and hooked by Reggie Price…


Oceans of Tears designed by Deanne Fitzpatrick and hooked by Cheryl Orcutt…img_1357

Design for the back of the (Tarot) card designed and hooked by Pris Buttler (part of the Tarot card display)…img_1360

Horse designed and hooked by Mary Lee O’Connor…img_1362

My Vermont Cow designed and hooked by Dayle Young-Wheeler…

Bobcat designed by Jon Ciemiewiecz and hooked by Mary Aman…img_1364

Wood Duck adapted from a Kelly Quinn painting by Pam Bartlett and hooked by Dayle Young-Wheeler… img_1367

Hola Mola adapted from a Kuna Mola and hooked by Beth McDermet…img_1369

Heathen Hill designed and hooked by Nancy Thun…img_1371

Crocodile Mola II designed by Norma Batistini and hooked by Suzanne Girouard…img_1373

Up North designed by Cabin Creek Designs and hooked by Sue Burton-Kelly…img_1375

Blooming Floral designed and hooked by Dorothy Walsh…img_1377

The Fisherman designed by Bev Conway and hooked by Alma Shelly…img_1379

Pineapple Antique designed by Marion Ham and hooked by Fran Oken…img_1381

Jazz and Poppy designed by Margaret Shaw and hooked by Jaime Jacobs…img_1383

Horse and Bunnies designed by Lucille Festa and hooked by Susan Gingras…


Hawk Eye designed and hooked by Sandra Grant…

The Dance of Life designed and hooked by Sandra Grant…img_1390

Alpaca Quartet designed and hooked by Robert Wertz…img_1392

Belgians and Berniers designed and hooked by Barbie Beck-Wilczek…img_1394

Passing Winter Storms in the Dunes designed and hooked by Jane Sittnick…img_1397

Spirits of the Lakes designed and hooked by Sandra Grant…img_1399

Seaside Landscape designed by Wanda Kerr and hooked by Jane Sittnick…


Toby designed and hooked by Meg Howland…img_1403

North Atlantic designed and hooked by Jane Sittnick…img_1405

Paradise designed and hooked by Kris McDermet…img_1407

Words of Wisdom designed and hooked by Emily Robertson…img_1410

Genghis designed and hooked by Rae Harrell…img_1412

Passion designed and hooked by Kris McDermet…img_1414

Great Horned Owl Mother with Baby designed and hooked by Sandra Grant…img_1416 Anny with her daughters designed and hooked by Louise de Tonnancour…


Tennescott Four Dogs designed and hooked by Barbie Beck-Wilczek…img_1420

Child of the Universe designed and hooked by Grace Collette…img_1422

Annie’s Birches designed and hooked by Barb Ackemann…img_1424


This weekend our dock comes out of the water 😦 . This is always a sad time of year for me as I love love love fall and I love my dock! My perfect fall morning is sitting by the water with  my coffee and book enjoying the sun, colours and fresh (read cool!) air. Slowly, but surely though, over the last few weeks we have taken apart the dock – first the canopy came off, next the boat was stored for the winter, rug and chairs and table removed until all we are left with are two chairs and AN AMAZING VIEW! This morning, before leaving for Fleece Festival in Woodstock, we made our last journey down the hill to the dock and sat and enjoyed the sun and scenery for a while. Heard a loon, saw a kingfisher fly overhead and a few seagulls – it was soooo beautiful that I had to share these final moments with you…


Who IS THAT crazy character – could it be the Michelin man?image-7





imageand so it ends for another summer – hey is it spring yet?


Today started out grey and very, very wet. However, once the sun came out it was glorious and we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather, stunning fall colours and go out to one of the studio tour stops – Red Door Studio. Murph, the donkey, welcomed us to the barn and yard where a number of artists had set up. It was lovely – I came away with a fabulous mug by Diane Black and some lovely hand made soaps. So, if you are not busy tomorrow take a drive through the country and stop in at Ingrid’s studio before heading on to Westport for the Fall Studio Tour… And have a wonderful Thanksgiving…











Elaine’s lovely cat rug (a design by Pam Langdon)…


The Mississippi Valley Textile Museum in Almonte has a penny rug exhibit until sometime in December (check their website for details). Another lovely road trip? for lovers of wool and fibre!