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Carol in Arizona sent me this link to a video of a rug show that took place in Cornwall, England. Just look at that exuberant colour! what fun… I just had to share this… Would you not love to sit and have a cuppa (well along with maybe a scone or two) and just savour these rugs…


wow three posts in one day! When you view the Tarot Card exhibit please note that there is a request to NOT PIN or copy any of the images without permission. Please respect the artists’ request. Another reason I did not post my pix from the exhibit…


It appears when you click on that link I put at the bottom of my previous post you actually see my photos – how did THAT happen!  In any event, please do not click on the link in my previous post but rather copy this one and paste it into your search engine (does that sound correct) and this will take you to the GOOD site and not my BAD pix!




This weekend our map turtle slogged up from the lake (coming up our steep rocky slope is not an easy task – going down is much faster!) to lay her eggs in our driveway and live in our pond for a few days. But oh  my, when we looked in the pond searching for her, lo and behold there was a new little visitor…

Image 5

a little 2 inch baby map turtle! one of last years eggs??? that did not get eaten by the raccoons!

While I was in Montpelier for Green Mountain Rug School there was a wonderful exhibit of hooked Tarot cards at the T W Wood gallery. I took as many pix as I could – sun was shining in the window so some of them did not turn out too well so instead of posting my fuzzy pix I found the site where ALLLLLL these wonderful rugs are displayed along with information about each card, artist and where the exhibit is heading to next. What a great site – check this out and hopefully you too will be able to visit a gallery where you can see these rugs in real life!

PIX…and hookin info…

Just wanted to remind everyone who has registered for our Westport Hookin (July 5) of a few things. Please, if possible, carpool as parking may be at a premium. We have room for about 50 people indoors but a wonderful covered porch outdoors – bring your lawn chair along if you want to enjoy the breeze on the porch or down on the lawn by the beach. We will be serving coffee, tea and water and treats so please bring your lunches and mugs. If you are, unfortunately, unable to make it(we know that sometimes life gets in the way) please let me or Carol know so that we can offer your spot to the next person on the waiting list. We should have lovely weather and are so excited to be hosting our third annual Westport hookin and look forward to seeing you.

And now some pix from the hookin at the Old Tattered Flag yesterday. It was hot but there was a wonderful breeze and we had a blast! and of course spent way too much money 🙂 !… These were the rugs for the show and tell and I am happy to say that 2 of my friends won 2 TIMES EACH for their wonderful punch needle pieces…  I am sorry to say we missed getting pix of some of the rugs and punch needle pieces – tooooo much time spent schmoozing, buying, eating and hmmm buying! …

Image 1








































and exhausted! but soooo happy with my class with Jon. He is a wonderful teacher – patient, informative and generous with his time and experience. The ladies in the class produced amazing rugs. Andddd Green Mountain Rug School is FABULOUS! Great location, great food, well organized and a great line up of teachers. SOOOOO the new list is out for 2017 and yeahhhh I have my name in already! THAT IS IF THEY LET ME BACK IN after a few fiascos!!!! Day 1 2 3 4 – I used my Ipad (hmmmm or rather Gord’s iPad with which I am not overrrrrly familiar) as an easel for my picture for class. Well the stupid thing kept making noises all day long – one bloooooppp, one ding and then the viking call! By the end of the week everyone was wondering exactly what Gord was trying to tell me!  Then Day 2 I almost burned down the hotel – put a piece of lovely bread into the toaster – one of the ones that travels around and drops your finished toast on a tray all ready to butter and eat! EXCEPT mine got stuck half way – well actually I think the track just stopped! Hmmmm I said as smoke started wafting out of the toaster – what is happening!!! looked inside and oh my God flames were shooting out of the bread which was now charcoal! Holy cow – fire I yelled! noone heard me! which means there must have been a lot more interesting stuff going on at the tables. Fire!!! again! and finally someone came rushing over and we tried to unplug the thing but by this time lots of smoke and flames were shooting out of the blackened bit of breakfast! The plug was even hot! finally got it unplugged and the staff – who maintained this was a brand new toaster! – dragged it away, cleaned up the mess and brought in a REAL toaster – the kind that pops up!!! and does not burst into flames!!! so hmmmm not sure if I will be allowed in the doors next year 🙂 .

So I hope, in the next few days, to share a few pictures of rugs that were being worked on but in the meantime here is a rug hooked by Jill (one of the Karla Gerard patterns I carry called Solitude):

Image 77and a few new Karla patterns I will be adding to the online store hopefully in the next week (after the windows are cleaned 😦


Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 5

Image 4


Well summer is here and we had our last guild meeting yesterday – delicious potluck (of course everyone was asking for my recipe for cheese and crackers haha) and a lovely show and tell. A few pix to share…

Eileen was the lovely lady who donated a lot of the wool towards our last auction…


Eileen’s beautiful sculpted piece (hooked into wool)…HPIM6555

Cathy, the queen of mixed fibres, hooked this gorgeous pillow out of a multitude of fibres into an old wool skirts…HPIM6557

Maureen’s cottage… HPIM6558

and her lovely multi fibre mat…HPIM6559

Pat was working on a blue heron – and dyed up yards and yards of blues before she remembered hmmm the blue heron is actually grey :-)… anyone need some blue?…

Marie’s lovely fraktur (started in a class with Carol Shewan)…HPIM6562

and her Out of the closet rug started at an OHCG annual a few years back…HPIM6563

Susan just finished a piece (pattern by Susan Feller in RHM a few years back)… Love those fall colours…HPIM6564

Stacey’s doodle rug – done entirely in wools she dyed in her first dye class…HPIM6565

and ohhhh her Fish Bones are finished – check out the great eye. I hear this is being hung above her aquarium – yikes those little fishies are going to be in for a shock!…HPIM6567

Cheryl just finished a lovely Claire Murray pattern in yarns…HPIM6568

and Cindy is doing this tree out of Batiks!!!! I love they way they are hooking up…HPIM6569

Carol was working on a very pretty cardinal rug…

and my turtle is almost finished – his shell will be wired onto the body once I have finished the legs and given him some eyes so he can see where he is going!!!…



Janice sent me a picture of her finished Neighbours pattern (one of the Karla Gerard patterns I carry) – it turned out beautifully…Image 1


Holy cow it was soooooo cooooolllddd last week during the move (finally getting warm again – will I be complaining soon?) that I have been working on fall stuff – more sunflowers! I needed samples for my class last Friday and made up a bunch of finished sunflowers plus some half finished. My lovely students finished them off for me!!! 🙂 It was a fun day and a nice break from schlepping boxes up to my inlaws new apartment and hmmm then back down to go to the thrift store once they realized they did not have enough room for 60+ years worth of accumulated stuff. But the move went well – parents are firmly ensconced in their new retirement apartment and we are home again – although I am leaving on Saturday for a few days of taking a class in Vermont with Jon Ciemewicz. For years I have been thinking of taking a class with Jon but the thought of working in a 3, 4 or even 5 cut stopped me. Finally I spoke with Jon and he said no problem working in a wider cut as long as you realize you need to go BIG! Well I am doing my old cat Chicky (who is now about 20 and may not have many years left) in a number 6 cut. To keep the rug a reasonable size I told Jon to cut off her feet and her back – hmmmm by the time I was done there was not much left of her for the pattern! and haha I am doing a side view – only one eye – and that one is almost closed so just a slit! Am I cheating? 🙂

So finally, pix of the patterns for miniature punch needle (done with valdani threads and not to be confused with oxford punch needle with yarn) by my friend Wendy – who is sooooooo prolific! All of these patterns are drawn on weavers cloth and come with a list of threads used by Wendy in her pieces and are $15.00 each.

Raven 7.5 x 6 inches:


Robin 6 x 6 inches:HPIM6546

Lace 9 x 9 inches:HPIM6547

Folk Art bird 6 x 5 inches:

Whale 8.5 x 5 inches:HPIM6549

True North 8 x 7 inches:HPIM6550

Elsie 8.5 x 6 inches:
HPIM6551  Tulips 8.5 x 9.5 inches:HPIM6552

Do you not lovvvvve Wendy’s wonderful finishes? Some of these were inspired by the Kathy Clark book on primitive finishes for hooked rugs (I do still have 3 books available).


This weekend was our Lac Sam retreat at Louise’s lovely cottages on beautiful Lac Sam in the wilds of Quebec! Well it seemed like the wilds when our GPS would not show LAC SAM! Yikes we were lost!!! Well not lost as such – just did not know where we were going :-). After many misturns we finally stopped and ASKED FOR DIRECTIONS – welllllll even with directions we managed to go off in the wrong direction a few times but finally made it just in time for lunch! Then of course on the way home didn’t we manage hmmm 2 wrong turns again! But it was allllll worth it because we had a wonderful time – eating, hooking, dyeing wool (when I accidentally ran out of stuff to hook), floating on the lake on the barge(s) and hmmmm more eating! Had to come home early as we are off to a different part of Quebec to move my inlaws but still managed to gain weight and hook a few pieces and enjoy the hospitality of Louise and Pat and the energy of the wild and crazy hookers!

So a few pix of what was going on (not too many as we were missing quite a few of our usual group but enough to make your mouth water!)…

Donna was punching – I believe this is a pattern by NotForgottenFarm…HPIM6530

I hooked the top for my turtle sculpture – next I will cover the legs and head with scrunched wool and put it all together – an idea I saw in the last Atha magazine…HPIM6532

Betty, who made the wire sculpture, hooked a BIGGGG turtle back…HPIM6527

Sandi was hooking a lovely whale pattern from Old Tattered Flag…HPIM6533

I made more sunflowers! for my class this coming Friday…HPIM6534

Wendy was hooking an amazing Santa…HPIM6535

Andrea was hooking a wonderful piece called Words to Live by for her daughter…HPIM6543

Louise was working on an amazing huge rug that I am not allowed to share until!!!! it is done so I only have a picture of her small rug that will be donated to the Hooked Rug Museum in Hubbards for their gift shop…HPIM6542

and hmmmm, had to take a picture of the clothes line 🙂HPIM6537


and today Ruth shared her wonderful little Deanne Fitzpatrick pattern which she hooked with wool and nylons(the ladies and suits are pantyhose that I had dyed). It was a perfect combination for this piece which is now a lovely pillow…Image