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I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that you all made lots of wonderful new memories.  The weather certainly has cooperated – nice dry roads in our area which is great for travelling. So for those travelling for New Years be safe and may 2015 be filled with good friends and fun hooking adventures.

A few rugs by friends to share with you:

Sheila’s version of a Karla Gerard Abstract Paisley (reduced) …


Trish’s bench pad…Image

Oh a few snow people from Jillian’s Antiques ‘n Things…Image

Ti’s rug done in the widdddde cut class she took with Karen Kaiser…Image 1

And her Chicken rug…Image 2

and dear Linda with HER rug from Karen’s wide cut class…Image 3

and Fish Tych hooked by Judy… Image

hmmmm have I been shamed yet into finishing my OWN Fish Tych… welllll almost!!!!!

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  1. Loretta, Happy New Year to you and yours! Hope to see you soon!

  2. Loretta, All the best for the New Year …

  3. And a Happy New Year to you as well. Love reading your posts and looking at the pictures

  4. Wishing all the hookers in your area a very happy new year and many hours of happy hooking. What a surprise to see my bench pad posted. Thank you for that. As usual the rugs are inspiringly lovely.

  5. Ok, Loretta, you’re on! Let’s get our fish hooked and finished! Happy New Year everyone!

  6. Happy New Year!! So nice to see others rugs, love Trish’s bench pad, itching to start another scrappy. I want “dear Linda’s” beautiful hair, teeth and dimples. Hugs to all.

  7. Ruby, you are such a sweetie! I have never had those deep wrinkles referred to as dimples before and the hair does what it does. Thank you for your kind words. I think I met you at the Glengarry Museum Quilts and Fibre in June and look forward to seeing you again sometime.
    I was the lucky winner of the wonderful Martintown raffle basket. And thanks, by the way, to Loretta for launching this exchange.

  8. Thanks Loretta, for your good wishes. I wish all blessings possible to you in 2015. Love seeing the mats you post. I will be posting a couple soon. Linda on the Rock

  9. Happy New Year Loretta. May 2015 allow you to be on the up side of life’s roller coaster ride this year. Amazing colour combinations in the fish tych. Did you go to Jillian’s without us girls?

  10. I like Ti’s rug. It would be a great pattern if we do a class on scrolls. Happy New Year!


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