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is looking for a home. Hamish was a stray kitten and is currently being fostered by Margot who already! has a few cats of her own. He has lived indoors for 5 – 6 weeks and is totally at ease with humans and loves attention. He is so sweet and much as I would love to have him – I have 4 already! If anyone local is looking for a darling little kitten please let me know and I can put you in touch with Margot:


Image 1


This weekend I am off to the Glengarry Musuem in Dunvegan (north of Cornwall). They are hosting a Quilt, Hooked Rug and Fibre festival with displays, demos and vendors of all things fibre.  Should be a lot of fun. If you need more info please  check out

Diane, one of my visitors this past weekend, brought along a piece she had hooked which we turned into a hanging wall pocket. Don’t know the designer but this piece is sooooo cute and turned out really well. So this fall it will hang on the wall or a door filled with fall foliage and pip berries and mini punkins!



Image 14


May be the title of the newspaper article covering our event this past Tuesday. What a fun fun day – we had hookers from Montreal, Eastern Ontario and wow as far away as Chicago!!! come to the hookin. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend. I know that the prediction of 29 degrees (C which equates to about 150 F – well maybe not that bad), with high humidity and 90% chance of thunderstorms deterred a few people but actually the weather turned out to be not bad. It was cool on the porch, no rain, breeze off the lake and we had bug spray! There was a lot of noise and laughter – I actually spoke with a few local Lions members who said they could hear all the hilarity in the village! I do think maybe they were exaggerating a tad! But from all accounts everyone had a great time. So thank you all again for making this a fun event and thank you to our many generous door prize donors. Having almost 50 door prizes certainly made for additional excitement! We raised 165 on entry fees (after expenses) and silent auction of a wonderful carved Santa donated by Doug Purdy which will go to the Westport Food Bank. In addition, we raised 317.50 for the Lions Club who run the local public beach and mobility vehicles and do so much for our (and many other) communities.

I took along my camera but it never even made its way out of my bag – between vending, helping in the kitchen(although we had a lot of volunteers) and yelling out door prize numbers to the outdoor hookers and just general schmoozing I did not seem to have time. However, a few other folks did take pix and here are some for your entertainment. Carol and I do hope to make this an annual event so hopefully next year the weather will cooperate more and we will be able to host even more hookers! oh and yes – our local reporter Margaret, really did drop in to get info for an article – cannot wait to read it!


Image 1
Image 3
Image 10


Just a reminder for those who are registered for the First (hopefully annual) Westport hookin… Looks like we may have some good weather  in which case those on the waiting list are sooooo welcome as we have 2 lovely roofed over outdoor decks overlooking the beach. Here are the details – please note the location as the hookin is NOT at my house 🙂 Really looking forward to seeing everyone who can attend…

Westport Hook-In June 24th, 2014

9:30- 3:00

Westport Lions Beach Club

63 Mountain Rd. Westport, Ont.

Hosted by Carol Shewan & Loretta Moore

Join us for a day of hooking, shopping and socializing.

We will have tea,coffee,snacks and door prizes.

Bring your lunch.

There will be tables and chairs inside but bring a lawn chair if you would like to hook by the lake or on the deck.

Cost $5.00


Loretta Moore-Hooked on the Lake

Carol Shewan-Willow Creek Rug Supplies

Cathy Ivory- Baa Baa Bundles

Please RSVP to to reserve a spot.

*vendors accept cash or cheques

Well Porky has not been back for 2 days to chow on the steps but the deer have eaten every rudbeckia, day lily bud, hosta and, new for this year – waterlily flowers and pads. Yup thats right – we caught them in the pond! and the map and snapping turtle are living in the pond and excavating our driveway and the big rat snake has decided she likes her new home in our rocks! Two dead mice and one live baby so maybe allll gone hopefully finally maybe!!!!! Ahhhhh living in the country is just sooooo much fun!!!

Susan sent me a picture of her completed Holly Hill Designs rug – check the background. She mixed a bunch of darks to get a beautiful interesting “black” background:

Image 1




That is how the last week and a half seem to me. Seems I was just packing up for Lac Sam and wow I have been and come home and left for Waterloo for 4 days and back and Westport Heritage Days is behind me and today my good friend Odette and hubby Robert arrive (along with theeeeee most delicious, decadent carrot cake ever!). While in Waterloo I was invited to vend at the M E Critchlow Guild hookin at the Poplar Hills Picnic Grounds. Wellllll, at first I was a little concerned as weather forecasts were for 29 degrees (celcius which translates into 86 F), humidity and 90% chance of thunderstorms! Hmmmm I thought – an outdoor picnic under trees in a thunderstorm! But as usual those forecasters had it wrong – it was cool and no rain! So a perfect day for hooking in the park – well rughooking! Met up with a lot of ladies I had not seen in a while and had a fun fun day. Only got one picture though of the hookers hard at work!


Yesterday was Heritage Days (well day) in Westport. Live music, food and some great vendors of arts and crafts. But once again those forecasters got it wrong – the warm temperatures never materialized – we had cool, damp (well actually darned cold!) weather and rain started JUST as I was packing up. But  that did not stop the people from coming – spoke with hookers from Coburg, Kingston, Ottawa and visitors from as far away as BC! (no they didn’t actually come all the way to Westport just for our Heritage Day :-))… So another fun day.

Now did I do much hooking – nope! But I did get an email from Sue with a picture of her Pineapple Tablerunner finished (this was a pattern I did for A Needle Pulling Thread Magazine a few years ago). Sue added tongues to the edge of her runner – I love the finish…Image

And what have I been up to – welllll fighting the invasion of the porcupine! My trick of staining the steps does not seem to have worked – Mr. P. has been making his way back to our front steps almost every night to chow down. Last night our neighbours – who suffered through many porky visits last summer  – called us positively giddy to report that they had just seen Mr. P. waddling pretty darned fast past their house on a mission! He was on his way to the Moores to nibble on some juicy front steps again. Welllll that wasn’t happening! so out I went to cover the stairs with a big tarp and rocks to hold it down – but to no avail. Mr. P. decided,  hmmmm the ends of the steps taste just as good as the  middle! So, next trick will be to line the driveway of our neighbours place with little signs directed at Mr. P. telling him they have a lot more wood at their place than we do and it tastes much much better!



retreat weekend, as usual, was wonderful although I am sure none of us went anywhere near a scale this morning! We ate Indian, Mexican and wedding cake! No – noone was married on the weekend but Karen was practicing for an upcoming wedding and made the MOST amazing cake! which of course we had to taste test! for breakfast, lunch and supper! It passed the test! Hooker vitamins (aka caramel corn with nuts) and jujubes were there to help us make it through the days of industrious hooking (although we did!!! find an antique store nearby and had to take a little break to visit!). We hooked on the dock with our feet dangling in the water – well for a few minutes! Those mountain lakes are NIPPY!  And all this in the midst of wonderful friends and hosts.

So here are a few pix of what was being worked on this weekend:

Betty finished her ultra wide cut sheep from our Karen Kaiser class:HPIM5515

Sandi brought along her Foul Fowl challenge piece:Image

and her Betsy Reid Wide cut rabbit:HPIM5518

Andrea got this rug for an amazing price of 5.00 at the thrift store:HPIM5519

Louise’s appliqué based on a Yoko Saito pattern:HPIM5520

My Deanne Fitzpatrick April pattern – may have to call a carpenter to fix that first house – looks like it is on its way down a hill:HPIM5521

Karen’s rug from our class with Kathy Clark of Briarwood Folkart:HPIM5523

Louise’s very Klimty rug:HPIM5524

Donna WOULD have finished this if she had not run out of stockings!:HPIM5525

Louise’s unzipped rug:HPIM5526

Wendy’s Maggie Bonanomi rug:HPIM5527

My Abstract Paisley – small version (a Karla Gerard pattern I carry but much bigger and more detailed – this small version is being made to go on a little antique aged teal table) – actually finished this by Sunday morning – now for a braided edge!!!:HPIM5528



I am soooooooo happy – dock is in, old fogey boat is tied up beside the dock and I went for my first swim of the season and almost had a heart attack as my body hit the icy waters of Wolfe Lake!  I don’t know what the temperature was but oh my – let’s say it was REFRESHING! But it didn’t stop me from jumping in a second time! Yesterday it rained almost all day but this morning I had my first coffee on the dock in my pj’s, thick wooly socks, heavy sweatshirt. Lasted all of about 10 minutes! Bloody windy and cold! But this afternoon while Gord is off golfing I may just have to make my way back down there – book and hooking and tea in hand!

This is our LAC SAM HOOKERS RETREAT WEEKEND. A bunch of us have been getting together at Louise’s cottage(s) for many years now for a weekend of laughter, friendship and eating – oh yes and a bit of hooking! It is something we look forward to every year. This year we will miss a few of our good friends who cannot come but we will think of them as we eat their share of the food! So next week I hope to have pix to share of the rugs etc. in progress and finished! In the meantime, though, here are a few for your viewing pleasure:

Cathy’s wide cut rug – finished:


Ruby’s Deanne Fitzpatrick patterns of the month:
Image 1


My DF sheep rug – finished and in need of framing by Vince:HPIM5513



Apparently Linda Low designed and hooked the She Seeketh that was displayed at the rug show so it is not a commercial pattern. But Lisa found a rughooking pattern that was close to the rug that Cindy was looking for and it can be found here …

Cheryl is looking for the designer and hooker of the beautiful Blue Bird rug – can anyone help?

Julie thinks that the funky punkin head rug was designed and hooked by Debbie Ballard.

and NOWWWWW I am heading down to the dock! Coffee in hand! yes yes – the dock is in and the weather is beautiful and I am off to play hooky (not hooking though)…

Ann sent me her picture of her finished Scrappy Sheep rug which turned out really well: