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Monthly Archives: August 2020


But first, just a reminder that Almonte Fibrefest, like all shows this year, has been cancelled. However, they are holding a virtual Fibrefest.  For more details you can visit their site at ,

We hope to be back next year with a REAL show again but in the meantime you can find most of the vendors on their site (although you won’t find me.  You already know where to find me 🙂 .

So a little show and tell to inspire you and get your spirits up on a grey drizzly day…

Diane is continuing with her fun punch needle pillows – this one an adaptation of a Teresa Kogut drawing (with permission)…














Susan is just finishing off her Karla Gerard Primitive Floral…











Jane finished her Pine Tree using alternative fibres and loop pulling…
















An amazing version of Lisa Ferguson’s Kingfisher by Elizabeth…











and a great Covid19 rug by Joan…





We are having a pop-up-shopping day!!! WE STILL HAVE SOME SPOTS AVAILABLE SO REGISTER SOON…

We are having a pop-up-shopping day!!!

Saturday Sept 19th, at the North Crosby Community Centre (where the last hook-in was).

We will be having 45 minute blocks to allow time for shopping and then sanitizing in between, you can book your time by emailing Carol at  Please include your phone # for contact tracing and remember if you are feeling unwell please stay home.  Registration deadline Sept 10th.

Groups will be kept to a maximum of 10 people per block.

Masks and hand sanitizing will be required prior to entering the building. It is shopping only, we are not having food or drinks.

Times will be:








We are both keeping our pattern stocks low right now due to the cancellation of all the shows and events so if you are looking for a specific pattern it would be best to order in advance. Check out Hooked on the Lake and Willow Creek Rug Hooking.

Hope you are all staying safe and well.

Carol and Loretta


Thank you to everyone who has helped deplete my overstock of Valdani threads! Things are now more under control 🙂 .  For anyone still interested in the sale of Valdani Threads, I have updated my post of the other day to indicate what I have left. I have also updated all my pattern and kit pages to indicate which patterns and beginner and miniature punch needle kits are still in stock and discounted – less confusion.  All IN STOCK PATTERNS AND KITS will continue to be on sale for a while – I had made up so many for all my shows and of course, with shows being cancelled, yikes, I have an overabundance of patterns and kits.  So for the next while at least they will continue at 20% off the Canadian price. Thank you again to everyone who has placed orders – it has helped pay all those bills for stock ordered prior to Covid!


I KNOW THIS FOR A FACT.  Why – Because my squirrels have been cutting down branches again. Little do they know that Ironwood trees do not have acorns!!!!! although I did hear a branch dropping yesterday, and yup, it was from the oak tree and laden with mini acorns. Plus, every step going down to the dock is covered with green pine cones that have been nibbled apart in order for the squirrels to find the pine nuts hidden underneath every petal of the cone.

So with fall comes a little fall clearance.  In addition to the 20% discount on IN STOCK beginner rughooking kits and IN STOCK rughooking patterns and 10% discount on IN STOCK punch needle kits, I have realized I have an overabundance of certain colours of Valdani number 8 threads! So the following colours will be discounted from $6.99 to $5.50 Cdn per ball. I also have 9 inch Morgan Hoops and Stacking Hoops as well as Ultrapunch needles in either all 3 sizes or just medium. Email me at if you are interested…

H205 – 11 balls



O178 – 4 balls












H201 – 2 balls






O217 – 2 balls






O571 – GONE






O531 – 3 balls






P 5 – 2 balls






1 – Black – GONE
























JP7 – 4 balls






O196 – GONE






M 49 – GONE






O547 – GONE






0548 – GONE






O145 – GONE






1645 – GONE






1644 – GONE






1641 -GONE






1643 -GONE






191 – 4 balls






195 – 5 balls






199 – 1 ball






O557 – GONE






H208 – GONE






200 – GONE






172 – 1 ball






O12 – GONE






8111 – 3 balls






122 – GONE






3 – GONE






42 – GONE






67 – GONE






148 – GONE



A few finished pieces for show and tell…

Well, maybe an unfinished piece as well – just too beautiful to not share Len’s version of Lisa Ferguson’s Winter Fox(see my rughooking patterns if you are interested in this pattern)..

Beth’s fun and funky version of a Deanne Fitzpatrick pattern – The Knitters…

and Len’s version of a miniature punch needle pattern by Marjorie Swift (yup I still have one kit in stock)…

and hmmm, I forgot to post this piece that I finished punching and am now attaching to a vintage box that can be filled for the holidays with greenery or ornaments or goodies! The box needs antiquing (or dirtying up) – it has handles on the sides and is painted red inside so it was a perfect choice for this piece. The pattern is one that I bought from Chestnut Junction and adapted…

My friend Barb, had a quilt and hooked rug show in her back garden – some beautiful pieces on display:

Fabulous adaptation of a Karla Gerard pattern – Rooster Collage (I do have the original pattern in stock!!!)…

Pattern by Sharon Smith – love the border on this piece and if I remember correctly, Barb used batiks in her birds’ tails and wings…

My pineapple kit…

and some of Barb’s beautiful quilts…



I just spent 3 hours cleaning up, liming and fertilizing gardens. My back feels broken, my nails are full of dirt, my shoulder is aching but ohhhhhh it feels so good to look out there and see clean and tidy and pruned gardens again (oh and that was only one garden haha). The weather today is fabulous – sunny, cooler!!!, not humid! Yesterday I gardened in the pouring rain and thunder – desperate to finish – until my pants fell down! They were sooooo soaked with rain that they just got too heavy and I guess they were a bit big in the waist and all of a sudden they were sliding! Hmmmmm, what to do – keep gardening with pants on the ground – NOT a sight for sore eyes! So I grabbed my pants and gave up for the day. Today I wore tighter pants but no rain so all was decent in the garden!

However, the finished also applies to a miniature punch needle piece I finished this morning. This was a piece a friend brought to me last year to design. It was based on a photo of her friends Sheltie. A few weeks ago she brought it back and asked if I could finish punching it – she had done the eyes and nose and some background and started on the ears and was doing a great job but was a bit daunted by the rest. So I took on the challenge! Now for those who know me – I love hooking and punching primitive! I rarely do anything realistic (although I did do my cat Fleatwo and my Dad in hooking). I have never attempted a realistic miniature punch needle. I learned a lot during the process – punching from the backside while looking at a reversed photograph is not easy so I did what Eric Sandberg suggested many years ago in Rughooking magazine – I broke it down into sections. Made myself a little “viewer” which I could place over the area of the photograph that I was punching and focused on punching what I saw rather than getting confused by the full picture. This morning I punched the last loop and I am pretty happy with the finished piece. It still needs to be pressed and tidied up and framed but it is FINISHED!

So if you have never tried miniature punch needle – give it a shot! I carry the best ultra punch needle, the best Morgan hoops and kits and threads. My kits are still 10% off.

and a few others have also finished pieces:

Lucie finished her rabbits from Encompassing Design…

Peggy finished her purse kit…
and Yule sheep punched by yikes I cannot remember… but a great job mounting it on the rusty doorknob…