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Monthly Archives: May 2016


Allanah beautiful rug (I carry this Karla Gerard pattern)…Image

and Jane’s lovely version of my otters pattern… always such fun to see how differently people hook the same pattern…


and Wilma’s Home Sweet Home rug designed in our primitive class…


And now some pix from Saturday’s hookin hosted by the Moira Matmakers in Belleville.  We had a wonderful day – the new location was big, bright and cool!!!!!! Goodies were delicious (in fact, hmmm, a few came home with us!) and the show and tell was lovely. Now I have to say – Gord’s iPhone did not do such a great job this time! I think we realized finally that zoom on the iPhone gives you pix that are not very clear. This was a shame because there were a lot of pix that I just deleted because the quality was so bad – had I BEEN TAKING THE PIX of course I would have had to blame it on the photographer 🙂 but since it was Gord who was playing photographer, I will blame it on the camera!!!..






















Oh my the weather has changed soooo quickly to HOT! Not sure I am ready for this – I prefer a gradual gentle introduction to stifling heat! 🙂  Well truth be told – I don’t really like heat! And today even sitting in the porch is too much…

So a few nice cool rugs for show and tell – Ruby’s Hockey Night in Nova Scotia (a pattern by Deanne Fitzpatrick)… look at all those wonderful cool snow colours haha! … I did the dyeing for Ruby’s rug and had such fun.  And although I do not carry this pattern by Deanne I do have a wonderful Shelly Atkinson pattern called Hockey Game (check my online store)…

Image 1

And Dona’s whimsical story rug (I believe done in a class with Laura Bezormeny)…Image

Andddddd Elaine’s version of the recent Deanne Fitzpatrick on line class…Image 1

Wonderful rugs! Ahhhh I feel refreshed!…


well not technically but it is getting warmer – Sunday is supposed to be 28 degrees Celcius (or for those of you who, like me, still live in the days of Fahrenheit, that makes it about 84). Ground hog (a new critter for me – we have NEVER had a ground hog before) was digging in my garden and chewing on plants and here I was blaming it on the deer!!! Our noisy big tree frog is back – Lenny is his name and he has taken up residence inside the post that holds my wire owl. If you look down from the top there he rests making bigggg noises to try to attract some little female! Regular frogs are in the pond – in fact hmmmm should I share this? The other day Gord rescued a frog that was sitting on the rocks that surround the pond looking rather forlorn and making funny noises. Well for him they were not too funny – when Gord went closer the frog did not hop away BECAUSE his leg was stuck inside the mouth of a garter snake!!!! and no matter what the frog did that snake was not letting go. However the frog was BIG – tooooo BIG for the snake to swallow and the leg was not coming off! So Gord waited, snake came out of the rocks and Gord tried to free the frog – not happening until he got a screwdriver and slowly, gently pried open the snake’s mouth. Did I mention Gord has a rather STRONG AVERSION TO SNAKES! and in this case he actually had to pick up the snake! and hold it as he tried to pry open its mouth to free the frog. Now, I know that the snake has to eat too, however, NOT MY FROGS! 🙂  In the end, with a little help, the frog escaped, snake went for a slither into the woods and all was well!!!

Last week at our SBS morning Sue brought 2 rugs she had finished:

Her beautiful Deanne Fitzpatrick on line class rug…


and her Karla Gerard table runner (a combination I put together of Happy Houses and On the Knoll)…

Image 5

Jane sent me a picture of her latest sweet mat for a friend…

And geez, don’t think I have posted a picture of my sister Di in a longggggg time – here she is at her new Extendafamily centre where she goes a few days a week for swimming, crafting, companionship – and just plain old fun!…


And a new Shelly Atkinson pattern that is now in my online store – what a great rug for Grandma to do for a very lucky grandchild!…

Image 10

Yesterday our guild, Rideau Valley Boots and Baskets, decided we have tooooo much money so the funds raised at our auction in April are being donated. Half the funds will go to the Hooked Rug Museum of North America in Nova Scotia  So a big thank you to all who attended our auction and opened their wallets for good hooking stuff and a good cause. The museum is always appreciative of anything that the rughooking community can do to help with the expense of operation. Last year a number of our members hooked 8×8 inch lighthouse mats  that we sent to the museum for sale in the fibre arts market. We are happy to hear that sales of these small mats are doing well and many of us will hook up a few more to send. The lighthouse mat design on paper can be ordered from the museum if you or your rughooking group might be interested.

Next Saturday the 28th is the Moira Matmakers hookin at the Quinte Sports and Wellness Center in Belleville. I hope to see some of you there – it is always a fun hookin…  Sooo, off to dye a bit of wool! well maybe a lot of wool!!!



Never let it be said that hookers let moss grow under their feet when there is a great deal going. Sandi’s frame was snatched up by a new hooker almost immediately and then the bidding war began 🙂 with a number of other hookers wanting the same frame. Sorry to report folks, but the frame is gone and has found a new home where it will hold many future rugs!

In the meantime, however, Sandi has decided to divest herself of another lovely piece – a 1920’s hooked rug in excellent condition. If you are interested let me know and again I will put you in touch with Sandi.


Elaine sent pix of her completed rugs – 3 Owls (one of my Karla Gerard patterns beautifully hooked) and her funky “bowling pin” primitive cat:


Image 1




Pix first of all:

Liz’s community gifted our Prime Minister with some wonderful pieces of art representative of their area of many lakes. Amongst these enticing pieces was a rug hooked by Liz…


Linda finished her very first hooked rug in about a month! and is off and running… and now designing her own piece…


We had a wonderful day at guild yesterday – Maureen’s husband, Al, gave a super workshop on maintenance of cutters! Wow I never realized that my favourite product, WD40 does not lubricate! For years I have been “lubricating” my sewing machine and cutters with this product only to find out it cleans but hmmm then does nothing good! Yikes. We all learned a lot yesterday. Then I gave a short (well rather longwinded!!) dye demo and afterwards Cathy of Baa Baa Bundles, gave a great workshop on use of alternative fibres in our rughooking. A busy but very very instructive day for everyone. Then on the way home the girls and I stopped at a new antique store – did not leave with anything which is good because today – hmmm cleanup inside and out! I need to declutter (hence no shopping at the antique store!). I may have to offer up some of my antique pieces for sale 😦 …

Sandi has a fabulous frame for sale – stand and frame are 200 Canadian. If you live in the area and are interested please let me know and I will put you in touch with Sandi…

Image 2

This coming Wednesday I will be at Stitch by Stitch from 10 – 12. I won’t be back till September so hope to see some of you there.

Wonderful weather here so gardens are getting done – by me? Nope – blackflies are so big they almost carried away my old cat! So I will do inside work while our lovely gardener, Adam, does the outside. I am in love! He is even more anal than I am 🙂 so gardens are looking wonderful – although Momma deer with her yearlings was here the other day and I notice that the tops are cropped off all my day lilies – and sooooo it begins!

To all the mothers out there – have a wonderful day on Sunday. And lets offer up a prayer for the folks in Fort McMurray – may it rain rain rain!