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today at Burritts Rapids community centre. We had a great turnout of hookers eager to spend their dollars and oh my what wonderful items we had up for grabs – cutters, frames, wool, patterns and beautiful rugs hooked by a former member who donated them to our auction. I tried to grab one of these stunning rugs – all in wide wide cuts and glorious colours – but was outbid! but very happy to see these rugs move to new homes where they will be finished and enjoyed for years to come. I did manage to score a lovely old rug of one of the houses in Munster hamlet. It is aged and has not one ounce of wool in it and I love it!!! All this was topped off by a delicious lunch served by Sharon and Joanne and then!!!! once the accounting was all done we all headed home loaded down with our lovelies! But on the way hmmm a little side trip to Millers of Rideau Ferry (our favourite junkman) where I found, ohhh be still my heart – a maple syrup scum skimmer!!!! Now noone but me would love a scum skimmer! but it is so funky and grungy and old! I am thinking a punch needle could be quite interesting on this piece!


Image 1

So, tomorrow, off to Camp Iawah for our weekend retreat. So excited – will be a lovely weekend of yup – hookin, no cookin (well not much of that happens here anyway but the hookin part has sorely suffered and that is to be remedied this weekend).

Hope to post some great pix next week…

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  1. Beautiful finds!
    What a happy day!

  2. I would be excited about the maple syrup scum skimmer too! I enjoy seeing all the rugs you show on your blog. Not too many people do that. It is great inspiration!

  3. A great day in the country at the auction….pleased with my “scores”, and the eats were delicious. Glad we made the trip!

  4. Enjoy your retreat!
    Love the updates


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