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How many years have I been posting on wordpress and never until the last few posts have I had a problem.  I think the mice have moved into my computer!  I am going to post the pix from my class this past weekend on primitives and try to find my original post which seems to have disappeared into cyberspace. I apologize for the multiple posts landing in peoples in baskets… lets try this again!!!!….











Our weekend of working on discovering the elements of primitive rughooking, designing and colour planning was such fun. Thank you ladies for making it a great weekend and for your eagerness to walk on the “wide side” (number 8! versus hmmm 4, 5 and 6)

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  1. These are lovely rugs ladies. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kathy Callahan

    Cute pictures hope my northern friend is doing well Your friend down south Kathy

  3. It was a great weekend…..and I do believe I’ve gone over to the “wide side”…..

  4. Linda Thompson

    Hi Loretta, thanks for the photos, I always enjoy them. I am coming to the end of hooking my Karla Gerard picture and I am hoping that you can help me out. I am short turquoise blue wool strips, I would like to do two small spots on the tree in turquoise, so I am asking if you have 2 strips that I could have. I probably can do the area with one strip but just to be sure I will ask for 2. I am anxious to learn how to finish the edge but I may learn that from the ladies in Harrowsmith. Anyway I hope to be at Stitch by Stitch, May 11 , it would be great if my piece is completed by then ( should be ) except for the turquoise spots, if you do not have any of that color I will use another of what I have, Thanks and keep sending the great photos. Linda Thompson.


  5. Christine Van Hees

    Hi CHar

    Just giving you more ideas! 😊 see how people have stitched pieces of old sheets around their pieces to make them bigger so when you put them on the hoop you can work the whole piece on the hoop in other wards the wood edge of the hoop does not get in the way of your hook so you can pull your edge of your pattern on the hoop and then a piece of the sheet will be on your hoop looking as if it is part of your work and this keeps your piece tight, you get this??

    have fun with the girls on THursday. Can’t wait to see what Mamie shows you how to do! 😊


    OUr truck is fixed, YEAH! but we got a call from the camping place where our other old trailer with added room on is and they said a tree fell on our aluminium boat we use to go fishing and they don’t want to move it until photos are taken so we asked them to take the photos and send them to us, so we can call our insurance but I don’t think we will go through the insurance the deductble is too high, then we put water in our hot tub and it has a leak, hahah, sounds funny now but since we got home everything is falling apart, don’t want to bore you with more, NO big deal it will get fixed!

    enjoy the sun wish I was still there 😊

    so much to do around here!

    Sent from Windows Mail

  6. Linda Henderson

    It’s a delight to see such happy pieces and I look forward to seeing them again when they’re done. It’s always inspiring to see what other people are up to and thanks, Loretta, for sharing and celebrating!


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