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UGH… something is definitely wrong with my blog today!!! I think the COMPUTER needs a coffee!!!!

Image 4

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  1. Patricia Alderson

    The sloth shows up in your previous post just fine. Don’t you hate it when cyber squirrels confuse us?!

    I just sent you a photo of a recent find, but realize now I sent it from my phone, so likely my work email shows up. Sorry about any confusion caused by that – this gmail address is the one for you to have on file for blog posts, etc. No change.

    Have a great day, Loretta,


    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Too cute! What is the backing?

    • Hi Rita this is actually miniature punch needle using Valdani threads and a cameo punch needle done on weavers cloth… This is only Sara’s second piece and i think it is wonderful…


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