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Yikes, I totally forgot to post or update about yesterdays morning at Stitch by Stitch. Despite my oversight and REALLLLLLY UGLY WEATHER we had a few diehards show up and spent a fun morning hooking, whipping, punching and chatting. Did I have a camera – nope! I am now so used to Gord following me around with his iPhone clicking away that I have forgotten to carry my camera with me so no photos of Kit’s beautiful rug and Linda’s completed rug. But, hopefully, I will get to take photos of them another time.  Next Stitch by Stitch morning will be May 11(Wednesday).

However, I do have a couple of pix of completed rugs to share…

Karen’s rug (a design available from Carol Shewan) for her new grandson… (oh why do I want to yell… RUN, FORREST, RUN!)…
Image 1

and Ruby’s rug hooked in an online class with Deanne Fitzpatrick…


Hungry mouths crowded around the steps (a few days ago when it was nicer out – today they are covered with snow but stillllll hungry!). The little one on the right is last year’s baby and like a little dog – follows me as I carry the bucket of food around.

Image 1

Hope your day is a little brighter than it is here… if not – a good day to hook!


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  1. LOVE the pictures of the deer. And the little guy following you around. So sweet.

    Krystyne King


  2. Oh I love Karen’s interpretation of the pattern Carol

  3. I love Forrest, very sweet!

  4. lost my comment. I was saying that I’m taking the course with Deanne too and am inspired by Ruby’s! I like what she did with the sky. I only did the circled one for the experience. But I particularly love the landscape on the upper right. The dark streaks running through are really impressive. Thanks! I’m not familiar with Hooked on the Lake or “Stitch by Stitch…”

  5. alexandra Reid

    Hi Loretta…where is the snow from yesterday?It looks like it missed you!

  6. Back Row Babe

    Love the hungry mouths – we have some in our garden as well! Oh, and the rugs are lovely too 🙂


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