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Well a week has gone by with no post – can I blame it on my many accidents in the last week? Probably not since I don’t type with my feet – although I do have friends who say my usual emails are rather messy – no capitals or punctuation or breaks. I say they are just a reflection of my mind – scattered! Last week though I wrapped my baby toe around the leg of a table in my bedroom and I think it is broken. The skin is puffy and a was a lovely shade of purple and green and it HURTS! Then yesterday I had a battle with the hose of the vacuum cleaner and I lost – fell onto the floor on my bad hip (fell onto a concrete floor last summer and have never really felt right since then) but MY HANDS WERE UP IN THE AIR well protected! So I can still hook, dye and type! Which is a goooood thing since this is our spring Iawah retreat weekend. No cooking but lots of looking and hooking. I am so excited to see what everyone has been working on and will take lots of pix to share next week. Our challenge this year was Canadiana and although I have a bad sketch on paper I have no piece to enter in the challenge. I will be working on the celtic which is coming along rather nicely. I finished the borders on the weekend and yesterday and Monday I hooked the first “celtic knot duck”. In looking at the picture I took I see there are definitely things that need tweaking but so far I am pretty happy with it…


Last week a few friends – Ruby, Sandra and Terry –  dropped by and brought rugs for show and tell – these ladies are veryyyyy prolific and there were more rugs but I did not get pix of all of them…

Terry’s current rugHPIM4364

Terry’s first rug (love the very primitive look of this rug)HPIM4365

Terry’s finished welcome matHPIM4366

Sandra’s Deanne Fitzpatrick rugHPIM4367

And another DF rug by RubyHPIM4369

Ruby’s version of Alana’s Frog and Fishes (sans fishes!)HPIM4370Ruby’s primitive floral rug


A Martina Lesar chairpad hooked by RubyHPIM4372

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  1. I like seeing the projects people are working on. Thanks for sharing. I find it motivational!

    • oh like you Christina I am so motivated by other peoples rugs I am a very visual person and love to see what everyone is working on tomorrow at guild we are doing needlefelting! hope to take some pix of that – well maybe not mine haha…

  2. Karen Massingham

    Best take care of yourself so that you can keep on the go!!!  I hope the hip and toe are on the same side so that its a little less trouble!!!


    • ohhhh nope different sides – but you know what – I will survive!!!! I come from a family of klutzes My dad is missing most of his digits, has holes in the top of his head, fell through the roof last summer and broke his knees!!!! Guess I come by it honestly :-))))

  3. These rugs are magnificent. I truly love the Celtic Rug because it really tugs at my Celtic Spirit. I also laughed out loud at the three cats. Is this a pattern that is available?

    See you on the weekend. Take care of that hip and toe. Sadly nothing can be done for a broken toe except analgesic therapy. I did the same doggone thing to my to recently.

  4. Hi,
    Your Celtic Rug is beautiful. The other rugs are treasures. Its always so interesting so see what others are hooking. Your weekend sounds wonderful, I am looking forward to a weekend at Camp Wool in late April.. I am so glad that I found your blog. Hope you recover from your injuries soon.

    • Thank you Carole the celtic was hmmmm way out of my usual box so i am realllly happy that it is turning out all right when it is done I will post a picture of it and the quilt it is inspired by (colour wise!) Toe is recovering – must be as it is itchyyyyy – hmmm or would that be the swollen skin! 🙂 anyway It will recover and I will survive!!!! ohhhh Camp wool – you lucky lucky girl are you taking a class – with whom?…

  5. Love your Celtic rug. This is a commission rug, yes? You’ve brought the beautiful colors you often use into this very interesting design. Kathy

  6. Have fun camping :-)))


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