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Edie finished her wonderful portrait of her mom. You can feel the gentle personality of Edie’s mom radiating from her hooked piece…

Whereas, my Dad was a bit of a goof and I hope that comes through in my piece which is finished except for the hmmm, finishing 🙂 . As you can see, Dad started out as a much bigger piece but halfway through I realized that I did not need all that extraneous info…what was important was the expression on his face and too much of the body and background would have taken the focus off his face. At the suggestion of Karen, Dad will hang off a wooden spoon in my kitchen where he can watch my terrible cooking efforts – dad was THE cook in the family – sadly I did  not  inherit his amazing  cooking  skills…

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  1. I love your Dad! You did a wonderful job. I’m sure they are both smiling down on us. Proud of both their daughters.


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  2. These are amazing!! You did a truly wonderful job capturing your dad and I love the idea of hanging it from a giant spoon. Very cool!!

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  3. Beautiful!

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  4. Love it Loretta! Fantastic job. Both portraits ❤️ Something must have rubbed off – you are a great cook!

  5. These two portraits are amazing. It must have required concentration to do this kind of work. Too timid to try. Maybe should seek out a workshop.

    • Loretta’s classes/workshops are amazing , Loretta is very hands on and the perfect leader to get you on your way. There is always a ray of sunshine around her and it rubs off on everyone around her!

  6. Wonderful work! Always look forward to your Postings! Beth Dubeau

  7. Christine Van Hees

    Great job by everyone, you can feel their personalities!!!!!!!

  8. What a glorious hooking of your dad!!
    Enjoy this beautiful crisp sun filled day!

    Happy Hooking!



  9. Wonderful job on the portrait of your dad. You really caught the expression.

  10. A great memory piece for you.

  11. Both portraits are amazing! Captured their personalities brilliantly. Now on to the next….Gord contemplating in an Adirondack chair by the water???

  12. Fabulous efforts.


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