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Finally, a finished piece to share – made by me! Which does not seem to happen as often as it used to. This is a piece I hooked for Sharon. It started out as a pattern purchased by Sharon from a supplier in the States but Sharon did not love the original background in the pattern and asked if I could change it up – colours, background and border. Yikes! all those lines on top of lines. She asked for a greek key border – sounds easy – right? but it’s not! Hooking across the top and bottom was not an issue (after I drew out the right number of 4 inch blocks all the way around so that 1. it was the size she wanted and 2. there were the right number of blocks so that the colour actually transitioned correctly on the edge all the way around). However, hooking the sides so that the colours still alternated was weirdly difficult. I could not seem to figure it out and I usually don’t have this issue – is it age or just a weird design. I finally took a photo and turned it sideways to give me some idea of how to do it and still I had to adapt the sides a bit.  In the end it worked out. This is a fairly big rug and heavy! 4 x 2 feet. I am happpppy it is delivered to its new home – now I need to finish hooking my dad’s apron!!!…Poor man is still only half dressed!…

Karen sent me a picture of her mini fish bones – one of my punch needle patterns – mounted on driftwood. I LOVE IT KAREN!!!…

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  1. Love the horse Loretta! Yes I can see that it would be a challenge, but the results are spectacular!

  2. Ha ha – my Mom is dressed! Just the background to do.


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  3. Love the driftwood is fabulous!

  4. Wow! How great to see this Loretta. And once you explained the challenge with the Greek key…and I studied the pic a few times…I realized what you meant – it’s not a design that turns easily…but I would have thought it would be straight forward. So not that! How cool you figured it out so well. It looks beautiful. So – no – it’s not age. Unless it’s both of us!!

    Thanks for sharing – your blogs are always a treat.



  5. Great horse!

  6. I love both of these pieces. Fabulous job ladies. Loretta, do you know what Karen used for her bones? They’re perfect!


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