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Last Sunday Gord and I met up with company from Europe in Niagara Falls (Ontario not the US side). We did a ton of the touristy things – it had been almost 40 years (hmmm, how OLD does that make me?) since we had last been there and wow things have changed! We did the Walk behind the Falls and got totally soaked (NOT a bad thing because it felt like it was 95 degrees out); did the boardwalk along the rapids (which was thrilling); the Sky Wheel at night to see the lighting of the falls and, AMAZINGLY FOR ME, we did the Zipline down into the gorge. Being a tad afraid of heights (used to have difficulty just with LADDERS) zip lining was a scary proposition but in the end it was a blast! The fact that they weigh you 2 times in full view is NOT a blast but I passed the test. So while our 25 year old company was shopping at the outlet mall, the intrepid old folks were speeding down a thin wire into the foggy, damp gorge under the falls! Yeahhhhhhhh (I think we had more fun!)…



A few months ago Janice asked me to draw this rug and dye wool for it – it was to be a gift for her friend Alicia Giroux who had written and published a book called Andrea’s Lion. Janice finished the rug and sent me this picture – I think the rug turned out beautifully…image

and pix of Toni’s rugs…


I just love the collage she is doing of her and hubby’s trip across the USA. This was drawn out for her by Donna Hrkmann from photos of their trip…


Trish sent me pix of her lovely Tulip Sampler rugs (designer Cheryl Krug-Wiltse)…

and Sandi sent me a picture of her African rug with objets trouves…


If you are in the Ottawa area and looking for something fun to do, Rebecca send me info about a show being held in Cumberland next weekend with artwork including paintings, stained glass, ceramics, sculpture, hooked rugs, wood benches and textile art, including men’s ties. There is also a farmers market and and delicious goodies at the Black Walnut Bakery – both closeby. More info can be found at 

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  1. Love the lion rug, Loretta…all of the pieces are just wonderful. Thanks for sharing all of this, most inspiring.

  2. Have never been to Niagra Falls – looks so fabulous! LOVE all the rugs you shared – that travel rug is so unique – what a great way to preserve memories!

  3. Hi Loretta,

    Please ask Gord what the name of the company is that made your vinyl sliders for your sun room. We would like to find something like that here. thanks.

    I was surprised and pleased to see my two rugs on your post!




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