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but so happy. I had almost a week and a half with Kathy. I am sure she is sooooooo tired now that she is home again – and I was sad to see her leave. But my head is full of new rughooking ideas especially on how to make my rugs old and antique (and dirty). And many new fun finishes for smaller rugs (Kathy is considering doing a book on some of her fun finishing techniques so stay tuned!). Kathy’s website is where you can find her patterns and pictures of her finished pieces. The new line of little scrappers is so much fun – great little rugs that are worm busters! Her blog is

During her stay with us she drew out and hooked and finished her latest “aged” creation:

HPIM4905And finally –  my cat rug finished off… Kathy tried to get me to come over the the dirty “light side” but of course my cat ended up more on the dark side. This is a very primitive rendition of my cat Peanut. Now if you have ever met Miss Pea you might recognize that little belly. Pea has short legs and a hmmm draggy belly – we keep threatening to attach a little swiffer pad to her belly so that she can clean the floors. But I am not sure Peanut recognized herself or IF she did she was not impressed as she turned up her nose and walked away from her rug. The little bird in the right upper corner represents the chickadees (in this case a BLUE chickadee cause remember we are PRIMITIVE) that swoop into the front porch to feed on seeds and drive the cats totally bonkers!

HPIM4903Friday after a week of tiring Kathy and hubby Larry out with touring and  hooking we took a day to go junkin! Oh my – Jillian has moved into the big room and things I never saw before came to light! I left home with good intentions of BUYING NOTHING but Gord dug out 2 wonderful old benches and an old tool box from a tractor that I had to have! So yup less room in the house! but more possible locations for hooked rugs – maybe a dirty light scrapper rug!!!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time and will have some great memories.

  2. The pale side of dirty does look old, faded. Noticing the irregular borders inside and on the edges, also the fabric edges. Love her style.

    Sweet “Pea” is also a winner!

  3. Hi

    Looks like you showed Kathy a great time. I am sorry I missed it all as I would have loved ro pay you a visit.. Next time! I can’t wait to see what you do with all the new things you have learnt.. I have been checking out Jillian’s FB page. Ph my she has some wonderful stuff. Will have to pay her a visit too. A few places here togo junking but I have nor room in the car to bring anything home – what with my new stand from deanne’s and yarn/ fabric that I have been picking will have to be shoved into little crannies. Here for another month. Loving it and looking at places to move to – doing my research .

    Have a great fall..



  4. Lucky you to spend a week + with Kathy. She has such a wonderful, primitive style!!! Both the rugs are wonderful and so old looking. I’d love to learn from her, too.
    Please share your new/old treasures.
    Hugs 🙂


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