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Betty’s version of Kathy’s Dancing Rabbits…


And Donna’s Rooster rug (finished by the end of the weekend)…

Mine you will have to wait for – I want to do a fun finish on it this week with Kathy and will then post it (hey girls I know you are jealous but …)

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  1. Good evening, thank you again for such an Enjoyable weekend! I am finished hooking, now the whipping! I will send a better picture tomorrow.


  2. What a wonderful weekend we had. Perhaps the best IAWAH retreat to date especially with regards to learning new techniques. Can’t wait for us to choose who we can invite in the future.

  3. Thankyou to the fabulous and talented Ms Kathy Clark…your a treasure to our hooking community!

    Loretta…your the spark plug…thanks for igniting a super weekend!
    I loved my retreat!


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