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NOTHING!!!! Not that there was not a carving day but hmmmm I did not make it. Got up at about 4:30 and had lots of time. Donna had stayed overnight so we had our coffee and tea and scones on the dock and I was dressed, packed and ready to leave when we heard what sounded like a jet engine starting up noise coming from the pantry – what could THAT BE? WELLLLLL, I rushed into the pantry to discover a huge puddle of water under the upright freezer and AN OPEN DOOR. Seems someone (would that be me?) had left the door open the night before and now ugh thawed food, compressor kicking the bucket, messssss. So after trying to reboot the freezer (unplugging and replugging) the noise continued and I convinced Donna to leave (she was the teacher) while I stayed home – emptied out what had to be thrown out, salvaged what could be and moved it to the tiny freezer compartment on the fridge and cooked the thawed food. Gord of course (another catastrophe) is away so Di and I will eat reallllly well this week but cooking (except wool) is not on my list of things I love to do so it was not a great day especially when I thought of all my friends carving away. So to ease the frustration somewhat I ripped the heck out of a garden, hooked a pillow and ate chocolate! Felt somewhat better…

This is my effort for the day – geometric pillow:


and the efforts of the carving girls:

Image 4

Image 3

Image 2

Image 1(oh and I mayyyy have fixed the freezer – at least temporarily!)…


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  1. oh dear I am sorry that you had such a catastrophe. But your pillow is divine. Those hens are soooooo cute. What talent comes forth through the pages of this blog. Bless you!

  2. Love the chicken–in fact have one made out of a gourd in same colors. The pillow is great–is it your own design? Is the fringe fabric or wool?

    • Hi Marie ohhhh i love the chickens too – wonder if any of my friends will take pity on me???????
      yes this geometric is my design. The Fringe is the prodded edge that Karen Kahle uses and demonstrates on her twitter site. It is made of wool strips (about 1 inch wide and 3 inches long) that are prodded through the edge of the pillow (you leave about half an inch of linen showing when you sew it together). It makes for a fun and different edge…

  3. Loretta, sorry you had to miss it, they look great. But I am sure Donna will give you a “private” lesson :-))

  4. Loretta…love,love,love the carved chickens. I would have taken that class ! Carol in Az

  5. UGH! I hate when things like that happen – hope you’re able to salvage most of your frozen items. LOVE the pillow – I added proddy fringe to a pillow I made awhile ago and was amazed at how much wool it used up! Not sure I want to do that again. Your carved birds are awesome – I’d like to try my hand at carving a little bit someday!

  6. Are you selling your carvings?


    If so, prices please…thinking I may need one at some point.

    Did you get my cheque okay? Mailed it last Thursday, I think!




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