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Ohhhhh I have a passion for sunflowers! I just love them – they fill me with joy. Probably because I have never been able to grow a sunflower. I would buy potted sunflowers (well usually one!) and plant it in my garden when I lived in Montreal and invariably some darn little grey squirrel would come along just as the flower was starting to expand and nip the head off, drag it half way across the yard and then leave it! I was discouraged – my father always had sunflowers in his garden. They would grow 8 feet high and have heads the size of dinner plates – I got saucers before the squirrels got them. So I gave up.

This year one of my chipmunks must have planted a seed for me. Before I ripped it out as a potential weed I realised it was a sunflower! so let it grow and ohhhh it is 4 feet high with a big head on it and is droopy and wonderful. I am thrilled with my one flower! But on Saturday I stopped at our local farmer where we buy all our fresh veg in the summer and bought some sunflowers that they had cut from their garden. A wonderful yellow sunflower and a wonderful mahogany and yellow flower. They are so beautiful and came with a ton of buds which are opening! Years ago one of the local people living on Lee Road (the gravel road coming into our place) seeded an entire field with sunflowers. I thought I had died and gone to heaven – I would sneak into the field and cut one or 2 for my vase. But that only lasted one year. So I am resigned to buying my flowers as I WILL NOT CUT MY ONE PLANT IN THE GARDEN!

I looked closely at my sunflowers yesterday morning and was inspired to dye! beautiful Melted Butter from the dyebook by Mad Hen Primitives and just plain old mahogany (Cushings) over a ton of wool. I want to hook a few sunflowers (hmmmm earlier this year I do remember saying I would not hook another darn sunflower but oh I need to have them in my house all the time). Here are my starter piles of wool:

oops nope that is not wool – it may however become a rug  – our turtles love to sunbathe!!!… HPIM4796

my inspiration…HPIM4802

my wool…(the mahogany actually looks less pinky in real life)

HPIM4803and today we are off to carve chickens with Donna!!! so stay tuned for pix and posts (assuming I come home with all my fingers!)…


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  1. Sun flowers are happy plants. My favourite color is yellow so sunflowers have kind of filled my favourite flower role for ages. There is a farmer growing sunflowers up highway 6 where I am going to go view the sunflowers. Apparently it is a traffic stopper especially when the morning sun is shining on them.

  2. Elizabeth Worrall

    Your blog always lifts my spirits…. and today has brought a field of sunflowers to delight my day. Thank YOU!!

  3. Only once did I see sunflowers those vibrant colours. I would love to purchase seeds that would give me the reds and rusty blooms. One day!
    Your dyed wool is lovely.


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