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Linda sent me pix of her beautiful Deanne Fitzpatrick rug…

Sue’s lovely pine tree…

Fish-Tych done as a Uni-fish 🙂 by Laura who asked for it in one continuous fish rather than 3 segments (yes please ask if patterns can be changed!!!)…


Kim sent me a picture of her lovely floor mat. Here is the bedspread we picked elements and colours from to make the design for her mat. We used darker values so that the mat would be grounded (and stand up to more wear and tear)…

Jill finished her lovely Maud Lewis piece (patterns are available from Highland Heart Hookery and some from Barb Lukas)…

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  1. A beautiful rug that so nicely complements the bed covering.

  2. June Kaczur-Tate

    want to order your Penny Pattern – 28×11, $65, but Trac phone would not allow a call to Canada.
    Ordered your Folk Blooms pattern before from the WI phone. If you have that file and credit card #, Maybe you can call me? 608-553-5951 or email me for info. and I will give you AZ address…will be here at till end of April.

  3. Carol Bretzloff

    These rugs are very beautiful, and each one has its own charm. I very much enjoyed looking at them. They have brightened my day. Thank you for sharing. Sincerely, Carol Bretzloff-Holmes


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