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For the next month I am discounting Lisa Ferguson Rughooking Patterns by 20%. In addition, I can custom dye for, and kit the wools (cut or uncut) and am offering 10% off the price of the wool for these patterns. I use only good quality new wool, dyed and as is, in my kitting. Below are only some of the wonderful Lisa Ferguson patterns – for the rest please go to my website and click on Rughooking Patterns. Email me if you are interested at and if you give me your address I will get back to you with the total including shipping in Canadian or U.S. funds…

and many more!!!…

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  1. Wow, these are beautiful! Debbie

  2. They are truly lovely and heartwarming patterns.

  3. Hi Loretta!  Happy New year 🙂  Hope you and Gord are doing well.

    Janice and I would like to each buy a Lisa Ferguson pattern.  I’d like the loon and she’d like the cardinal.  We’d love to take a road rip to pick them up if you are ok with a social distance pick up.  Maybe next weekend if the weather is good.  Would that work for you?  PS – I’ve incldued Janice on the email. Sure miss seeing everyone! Jen

    Thanks for reaching out! 


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