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WOW two posts in one day!!!

The first step in attaching the strap is to topstitch with your machine set on a long stitch, the front only of your purse about 1/8 inch from the top from one side seam across to the other, backstitching at both ends. I use the same contrasting thread as on the strap. This topstitching will ensure that the front of your purse does not curl and stays nice and crisp.

Next, because you will be sewing through a number of layers, trim back the seams inside the purse body…

Centre one end of your strap on the inside of one side seam. You want to make sure!!! that you have the good side of the strap against the seam i.e. the side with the fold and raw edge should be on the inside so that it is not seen when hanging over your shoulder. I also make sure that the open or raw edge is facing the back of my purse. Pin  in  place…(if  you  look  closely  you  will  see  I  messed  up  and  had  to  undo  and  restitch  🙂  )

Stitch with your sewing machine from one side all the way across the strap, then back to the centre seam and down the centre seam – like a T – backstitching at beginning and end. This secures the strap well to the body of the purse and ensures it will not move around… I left the threads on so that you could see where I started and stopped. You probably want to do this in a thread that matches your fabric…


Now you need to measure the length of your strap. Place your bag on your hip where you would like it to hang when finished and pin the other end of the strap centered on the other side seam so that it hangs properly. Keep in mind that if you plan to use your purse in winter over a coat you may want to make it just a little longer. Make sure your strap is not twisted and top stitch the end into the bag the same way as we did above. Trim off excess and your strap is now securely attached to your purse body. 

The next step will be to add the flap to the purse and the lining.

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