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Oh, what a wonderful fall we are having – love love loving these warm sunny days. Finally we are getting in some boat time and swimming – the lake is cold but after you have been in for a few minutes it feels much warmer – or is it just that numbness sets in! Last Thursday we decided to uncover the boat and lo and behold what did I find under the cover but 2 partial crayfish carcasses – dried out and half eaten. And yikes a pile of poo! After diligent searching on the internet I think it was either a mink or otter living on our boat eating seafood! what a life!

So the Kingston Fall Fair was fun – I cannot say it was a great selling experience but it was fun to be there, meet people, chat about REAL hooking as opposed to latch hooking 🙂 and generally make people aware of what we do. Had lovely neighbours beside me – the spinners and weavers who were showing me how to spin using a drop spindle and a young woman who knit and crocheted fun, funky stuff.  We were located in with the veg and flower judging and I was so inspired by our lovely fall and the giant punkins and sunflowers on display that I finished this small rug on Saturday and had to rush home and make up something else to hook on Sunday. This is a cropped down version of a Karla Gerard pattern I sell – Pumpkin Patch. It is not my usual dirty colours but it makes me smile! It is now available as a kit 13 x 13 (easy to hook in a day or 2) for $100.00. All the pumpkins (except for the white ones) and the sunflowers were hooked with what I call upcycled swatches. I have a ton of swatches and these are not something I normally use in my rugs so I decided they needed a bit of reworking and I spot dyed them in the microwave in measuring cups and it gave me wonderful short spotty strips which worked so well in this piece. You can only hook about maximum 3 inches in a number 8 cut (I pull my loops pretty high) but for small areas they are fabulous. Sooooo if you see swatches for sale grab them – they are soooo much fun to upcycle.




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  1. Anne & Jim Ashman

    Hi loretta…do you have any sloth rug patterns? Always love your blogs!! Good cheer from anne

  2. Cute pumkins!

  3. Danyelle Lauzé

    Very nice! I love the colors.

  4. Welcome to the (spinning) dark side. Be careful though … it is very addictive!

  5. What a fun little rug!

  6. Blue and orange are becoming some of my favourite colour combos. This rug is cute!


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