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Michael Rikley-Lancaster and his group at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum did a wonderful job installing and hanging our rugs. Lesli and I are very proud to have our rugs on display. Saturday’s vernissage was fun and a good crowd turned out to view the display. Thank you to everyone who was able to make it – it meant a lot to both of us. Here are some pix of the display – taken with a cell phone as we forgot both camera and iPad so the quality is not great unfortunately but they will give you a bit of an idea… those lovely bright rugs were done by Lesli…Image my version of bright :-)…Image 1 Lesli’s fish rugs…Image 2 Our introduction by Michael…Image 3   Another of Lesli’s fish rugs… Image 6 some of our visitors…Image and more…Image 1 Cat and fish…Image 2 Image 3 A great mix of our combined rugs… Image 5 Lesli’s beautiful floral…Image 6 and another rug by Lesli…Image 7 and another…Image 8 3 of my purses…Image 9 Lesli’s eyes rug…Image 10 hmmmmm Gord took the photos and I see he skipped most of mine – guess he has seen them toooooo many times…

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  1. elaine allerton

    Great pictures , loretta,,,, you never disappoint!! Looking forward to seeing u in woodstock,,,, see u then,,,

  2. Hi Loretta… It was a real treat to attend the Vernissage Saturday with Linda Hetherington, Mary Pal and Pat Caffery. Your rugs are stunning and it was good fun to watch both you and Gord as you both toured, talked and showed folks around. You looked beautiful and we are so pleased your work is getting the attention it deserves. Best wishes for a great show run and thank you for sharing with each of us…always!
    Bethany in Kingston,ON

  3. Liz from Seeley's Bay

    beautiful display…..too bad I am in North Carolina and unable to visit the show 😉

  4. Beautiful display Loretta. I like you bright colors. Hope to see you in Woodstock

  5. Loretta, the exhibit looks fantastic, wish I could have seen it in person, but happy to be able to see it this way. Thanks for sharing. I love all your postings and look forward to following you in your life. Have a great year. Ann

  6. Linda Prior Hobbs

    Loretta, The pictures of the exhibit look so inspiring. Having seen your beautiful work at your home…I can envision the pics that Gord did not take. lol
    I missed the opening but will see the exhibit I am sure. Big Congratulations to you!

  7. Jill Vandervelde

    Beautiful rugs Loretta. I was so sorry I couldn’t be there as I had planned, as I have come down with that dreadful flu going around . The rug with the covered wagon going to the church with the dog behind it . Do you carry that as I would love to do that one. Talk to you soon. Jill P.s. I am almost done my spring day. Once I have , I will send you a pic along with the winters day one I brought up to your place.

    Sent from my iPad


  8. Wonderful display Loretta.

  9. Wish I would have been there Loretta to view all those beautiful rugs.

  10. Loretta, a lovely midday feast for the eyes. thank you so much for posting all these lovlies. Linda on the rock

  11. Such talent! Is the display on for a while? I would love to see all of the rugs.

  12. Loretta…the exhibit is beautiful and such an inspiration. I purchased a MVTM membership and I will be going back again! Congratulations to Lesli and yourself!

  13. Love the colors you chose for each rug. Great job

  14. southernquebec

    Beautiful exhibit Loretta. Congratulations.

  15. Doris in Kingston

    I’m so friggin’ proud of you!


    Hi Loretta,

    I am not sure if you received my previous email but I am very interested in the pattern for the pillow on the chair.

    I find the design fabulous and I was hoping you would be able to let me know if it is available and where.

    When you have a minute would you please let me know.

    Thanks to you and Gord for the fabulous pictures from the Woodstock hook-in.

    Have a great day!


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