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Oh so sad – a great loss to the world of studio tours – this is the last year for the Sundance Studio tour.  This is one of THE BEST studio tours around – 20 artists all in one location – the home, gardens and woods of Carmen and Cam Allen in Maberly. Live music, amazing food by Fall River Pub and “facilities!!!”.  I have been part of this show since it’s inception – cannot believe it has been 5 years – and am so sad to hear that this is the last year.  Carmen and Cam have put a lot of work into building this show up to its amazing high standards and into promoting the “greenness” of the show.  Many of the artists are recyclers.  I have loved being a part of Sundance and if you have been or have never been try to take advantage of its last year.  You will not regret the time – it is a destination!!! For more info see the website

Sooooooo what do I say about The Women’s Art Festival yesterday – the location and artists were  wonderful as usual.  But the weather was disastrous!!!!   Got to City Park by 7:30 (which meant leaving home at 6:30 with only one cuppa!!!!! – not a good start!).  Enroute it was drizzling – not tooooo bad.  Parked in our spot and started to unpack the tent – ONLY TO FIND that one of the mice I rescued from my home this winter and graciously put in the garage (so it would not freeze to death) and fed peanut butter decided to make a home in my tent box.  There was a wonderful fluffy HUGE (god how many babies do these things have?) nest in the box. Fluffy mixture of grey, black, pink, red and blue – not super colour planning but very antique looking.  What had they chewed up to make this lovely little nest?  THE GUIDE WIRES FOR MY TENT!!!!!!   Nothing was left but fluffy ends!  but the guide wires are black and grey – where did the colourful bits of wool come from?  not sure! but no doubt next time we open up something else we will find out!  So in the huge downpours we had most of yesterday I also realised they had started chewing on the roof of the tent as drip drip drip landed on my kits, rugs and me!   Out came the duct tape – which we realised does not stick really well to wet tent fabric and is also not water tight!  So it was a soggy day all round!  Did meet up with some hookers from Kingston and some friends I had not seen in a while so despite the weather it was a fun day.  I only wish I had listened to hubby when he suggested jackets – noooo I said – it is going to be very humid and warm today – we won’t neeeeeeed jackets!!!! hmmm it was cold and wet and I kicked myself a few times!!!!   When my neighbour artist, Ditty Van Tol offered me a garbage bag so that I could walk around and visit all the other artists I almost accepted!!!!  All joking aside, it was such a shame because it really is a wonderful show and location.  The musicians could not plug in because of the lightning and thunder!!!! (now that also got me a bit worried – inside a leaking tent with metal structure under a big tree in a thunderstorm – not a good place to be!). I do hope that the show organizers did well as the proceeds go to such good causes.  Hopefully next year will be a dry year.

Today back to dyeing more Karla colours – well and Maud colours for the workshop we have organized with Pam Langdon.  Again a bit more eyeball dyeing.  Doing a lovely teal and blue green this morning…

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  1. I agree that the Kingston Women’s Art Festival is always an enjoyable time. very disappointing in the weather this year, and that is so rare for it to rain on the festival. Very glad to see you Loretta and pick up your workshop schedule which would be great to see easily accessible on your BLOG! where is it?? would like to refer friends. and I look forward to seeing you at your rug finishing workshop in October. alana

  2. Hi Alana It was great seeing you yesterday and hearing about your new work! My schedule of shows and classes is under Events on the blog See you soon…

  3. Sorry to hear about the nasty weather for you in Kingston. My mom taught me….never leave home without a tissue and a jacket! Hope you are feeling snug and warm at home today!

  4. yup nice and warm today – silly weather! but we should always listen to mom (and husbands!!!) haha…loretta

  5. Sundance is a well known name here in Utah because of Robert Redford’s Sundance Film Festival and Sundance Ski Resort. Didn’t actually realize there were other events in other parts of the country – interesting!

  6. Hi There Gayle Yes I have heard of YOUR sundance – I think Carmen named hers after her dog Sundance. Quite a different festival but in its own way just as good as Robert Redfords!

  7. Wicked weather Sunday…..I tried at least five times to leave the house and was sent back in by the lightning and heavy down pours…..finally gave up and missed the Woman’s show…..Darn! Can’t believe you stayed out in the lighting……
    Will be going to Pinto valley show for sure…..really enjoyed it last year….I pray the weather will be good….
    guess, you will be patching up your tent! AAAAH but, the wee mice are so cute!

  8. Shame on you, you have not posted a correction for three years? To advise your readers that you didn’t do your research, jumped the gun, and that SUNDANCE STUDIO TOUR LIVES, AND COMES UP ON A SIMPLE GOOGLE SEARCH AND COULD RESULT IN PEOPLE NOT COMING TO THIS WELL WORTH WHILE STUDIO TOUR. OBVIOUSLY YOU ARENT A SUPPORTER.


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