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Yesterday not only did I have a visitor to the studio who had done a fun proddy mat out of three sweatshirts:

Norma’s Proddy Mat (sweatshirts were cut in the up down direction rather than across the shirt and prodded into burlap)
but a friend of mine, Linda, emailed me a picture of her little wall hanging which also incorporated proddy:

Linda’s Daisy Mat (proddy, quilly sun, beaded dragonfly, roving clouds, wool applique leaves, wool strips and yarn!)

Linda is a very innovative rughooker who likes to try various techniques.  She has incorporated into her rugs sculpted wide cut, chain stitch hooking, beaded hooking, proddy,  pieces of jewellery, buttons.  Her smaller pieces are fun and funky but her large pieces are stunning (wish I had pictures to share with you).

This reminded me of my trip to England where I met up with a group of rughookers in May.  They were hooking at The Olde Post Office in Tintagel and hook primarily with rags – no wool to speak of!  A lot of their work incorporated proddy similar to Norma’s piece above.

I was really surprised at the absence of wool in their rugs – cause I LOVE WOOL! And there were a LOT OF SHEEP hanging around!!!  Although I have hooked with other fibers invariably I come back to wool – strips or yarn.  But in England they recycle a lot of man made fibers in their rugs.  It has a very different look but is very interesting and definitely durable.  The rug below was one that I saw that I particularly liked – very colourful and well planned and not a strip of wool!!!

I think that one of the things that attracted me so much to rughooking was the flexibility of this artform.  So many other artforms are rigid whereas rughooking allows you to be as structured or unstructured as you wish.  It allows you to use whatever type of fiber you want to use or can afford to use and still end up with a beautiful rug.

Today hubby is golfing! yeah!  I have the whole day to dye wool, finish rugs (yup GYT is still not finished!), hook a footstool cover, design a purse to hook at the WAF tomorrow – oh maybe vac up the dust bunnies! well maybe not!  I hooked a small piece to go inside a picture frame yesterday – once the stain on the frame has dried I will finish it off and post a picture.  The footstool cover should be interesting. Usually I hook pieces to go inside a recessed top of a footstool but this time I am covering the top of a twig footstool.  Have never done this but worth trying.  If it works I will post this when it is done.  So it should be a fun day…

This is a picture of the footstools – these will accomodate a finished piece 17 x 11 and are strong enough to stand on – they are for sale for $75.00 through my online store (although I only have 1 left):


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  1. The geometric rug looks like a rug that Kaffe Fasset would hook?????

  2. Hi Shirley that is sooooo wierd! Although this piece was not by Kaffe I did!!! go to a Kaffe Fasset show in England that was about 5 minutes away from where we were staying in St Keverne (on the Lizard). He was doing a workshop and had a display of his quilts, rugs, sweaters, ceramics etc. Unfortunately you could not take photos but it was fun to see his work. Yes it does look like something he would have hooked…


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