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Lisa sent me 2 more beautiful designs – Fox and Queen Bee. I will be enlarging these tomorrow and putting them on linen this week…

And a few more patterns on sale for 10.00 off the listed price… these are all the larger versions hence the larger discount (again in Canadian dollars)…


Michelle sent me a picture of her completed punch needle (one of my Karla Gerard punch needle AND RUGHOOKING patterns). It is sooo lovely – and big enough to do a pillow!…

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  1. Adams, Brenda

    Hi Loretta I love the Queen Bee pattern can you tell me how big it is and how much. Are you doing this up as a kit of just the pattern?

    Thanks so much Brenda

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  2. I would be interested in the fox if you could let me know the price, would also be interested in snowy owl, don’t mind if colors very some

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  3. Wow, Lisa’s paintings are amazing. That fox will make a lovely hooked rug. So glad that you have made this new connection.

  4. Hi Loretta,

    You know I want the fox, please let me know as soon as it’s done up! 😊
    Hopefully, the Poppy Hare is next? Please, please, please?

  5. I am interested in the fox … what sort of size would it be? It is gorgeous!


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