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Some relaxation is good for the soul! But there can also be TOOOOOOO much of a good thing 🙂 . We just returned from a week in St. Lucia – a family affair with mom, Di, Gord and my sister and her husband. Had a wonderful time – great weather (I am not a bigggg lover of heat so low 80’s and little humidity worked for me), delicious meals (well maybe TOOOOO many delicious meals), beautiful scenery, lovely hosts and lots of fun things to do – even did a little punch needle on the beach and read 2 books! But by the end of the week I could hear the dye pots and the hook calling to me!

So now for a few pictures of St. Lucia…



Sunsets were amazing…img_1865

The Pitons from our Catamaran (well not OURS 🙂 …img_1800

Hmmmm someone should have told Di she was getting in backwards – I think they did eventually get that figured out…img_1736

View from our patio – all night long we could hear the waves crashing on the shore… img_1711

Taxi anyone?…img_1891

and a few rugs…

Ruby finished hooking my Two Olde Crows pattern… image-5

Mary’s first hooked piece!!!!…


Karen made her seagull into a pillow…image-2

Barb sent me pix of her Moose rug…image-1

and her chicken rug…image

and Elizabeth’s grain elevators (love those quillie hay bales)…image


Well not those kind of blues, but blue does seem to be showing up a lot in my rugs these days. This is my “Can-ola” Kingfisher. Most mornings when we head down to the dock he greets us from his perch high up in one of our beautiful pine trees that line the shore. I have always loved Kingfishers – they are the funniest looking little birds with their bigggg heads, long beaks and short stumpy bodies. I felt that I had to immortalize this fellow as a Canola!…


As I have mentioned NUMEROUS TIMES, blue is not one of my favourite colours but Navy is one of my favourite blues! For the above mola kingfisher I used Prochem navy 413 and Magic Carpet black in equal parts over a mix of many different recycled and new wools. Hooked with lots of rusts and oranges in the motifs it is a wonderful background colour… Those smoky blues in the water and kingfisher are the same formula but just the lighter values – when I dye up a big pot of wool I usually pull out a few pieces early on so that I have all the values I need – light, medium and dark.  Then once all the dye is absorbed I throw those early lighter pieces back into the pot to set the colour.  Sometimes, if it’s a complex formula with many different dyes, I even get a variety of colours as some dyes pick up faster – but they all work well together.

And now a few more pix to share…

Louise finished punching a few pieces that she brought to guild the other day for show and tell…



and Nicole sent me a picture of her Mola Bear from our class last fall – love the way this Can-ola turned out!…


Diane finished her pillow and hung her Cheticamp mini mats…image


Shashstin punched (oxford punch needle) this wonderful hockey rug for her grandson…

image-2and Susan sent me a picture of her finished Sheep and Tongues…


Heather send pix of three of her recently completed rugs…


My Seagull kit hooked by Heather…image-6

Pattern by Debra Henkel of Handmaiden Designs…image-7

Julie finished this wonderful fish rug – lovvvve the colours…


and Jill finished her Moose rug – pattern available from Baa Baa Bundles…


Tuesday, February 14 -Valentine’s Day from 10 – 12 will be my next morning at Stitch by Stitch in Kingston.

And a few pix to share…

Andrea made a few hundred woollen flowers for her daughters wedding. When the wedding was done she took them and sewed them to a piece of linen that she framed in a vintage mirror frame – see the little kitty peaking out amongst all those flowers…


her finished penny rug made out of blankets…


Elaine’s fun fun hooked version of Cat Landscape – one of the Karla Gerard patterns I sell…


and her Sheep rug (a Difranza pattern)…

My friend Diane, was here for a few days and we played and junked. Here are some more pix to share…

LOVE this antique handmade sled – it will house a punch needle Di started of children sledding…(we discovered a wonderful new store in Perth – Red Brick – they sell antique and vintage and new items! My heart skipped a few beats during our shopping spree!)

The wonderful little Cheticamp mats were a steal at Hoffmann’s flea market in Perth!


her Wool applique (pattern from Old Tattered Flag) – combination of punching (through wool) and appliquĂ©…

and a lovely punch needle (pattern I believe was Threads that Bind)…

and yup I actually was hooking – one of the Shelly Atkinson patterns I sell – check  my online store for her fun fun patterns…


I adapted the pattern a bit – changed the trees to skeletal trees and cut off the snowman. And yup, thats a lot of blue for a girl who doesn’t really LIKE blue – but it’s dirty! old! toned down! And I love it!!!! You can order this pattern from me just as a pattern or as a kit! either full or adapted as my hooked piece is. image

WHAT AM I?????


Am I a beaver… or am I an otter… BEAVER? OTTER? Beaver ???? Otter ????image-1

Perhaps! an otter with a dual personality!!!! Spied this cutey on our way home from guild chowing down on a fish and playing hide and peek…

And our current crop of deer and turkeys – see it IS possible to get along in this world…image

Guild was such fun with so many wonderful rugs, punch hooking etc. to share…

Wendy’s pattern by American Country Rugs…


Elizabeth was whipping her Eaton pattern available from Carol Shewan…hpim6713 Susan’s goat from her class with Gail Dufresne – pattern available from Gail…hpim6714 Stacey was working on her Killarney available from Carol Shewan…hpim6716 Karen brought her amazing quillie tree for us to covet…hpim6717 and was punching a pattern from Old Tattered Flag…hpim6719 Andrea was working on a penny rug made of old Hudson Bay blankets…hpim6720 Wendy’s punch needle by Old Tattered Flag…hpim6721 Louise showed her beautiful knitted socks…hpim6724

Maureen’s geometric from her class with Laura Bezormeny…hpim6726 Cathy’s hit and miss rug – great way of using allllllll this worms…hpim6727 Sharon was finishing her dog rug – background all yarn…hpim6728 Joanne was working on Primitive Fox available through my online store…hpim6729 Jill was working on a RHF pattern of sunflowershpim6731 Jo-Anne was working on her pattern from Rae Harrell…hpim6732


My Karla Gerard Barn Scene being showbound…



Yeahhhhh we have booked the hall for July 4. Please contact Carol if you want to reserve – we have limited numbers to about 85 this year so, as always, it is on a first come, first served booking basis. We are ordering up perfect weather for indoor and outdoor seating including beach front on the lawn! So please join us for a fun day…

4th Annual Westport Hook-In

July 4th,2017 9:30- 3:00

Westport Lions Beach Club

63 Mountain Rd. Westport, Ont.

Hosted by Carol Shewan & Loretta Moore

Join us for a day of hooking, shopping and socializing.

We will have tea, coffee, snacks, door prizes and a silent auction.

Bring your lunch and a lawn chair if you would like to hook by the lake or on the deck.

Cost $5.00

Vendors Loretta Moore-Hooked on the Lake

Carol Shewan-Willow Creek Rug Hooking

Cathy Ivory- Baa Baa Bundles

Please RSVP to to reserve a spot.

Net proceeds from the $5.00 and silent auction will be donated to the Westport Lions Club and local charities.

And now for a few pictures:

Sylvie’s first piece…image

and her beautiful bag hooked out of nylons…image-1

Tom’s first piece… image-1

and Diane painted her door and glued in her rug (another Briarwood Folkart mini rug design) into one of the doors we bought at the antique store…image


Today I took down all my Christmas decorations and tidied (a bit!). Put most of the holiday baking into containers and into the freezer – out of sight, out of mind althoughhhhhh frozen cookies are not too hard to eat! Now, time to start thinking about the next hooking or punching project. Or maybe work on one of my junkin’ treasures.

Over the holidays I did do a bit of hooking and punching with friends. I always find myself excited and motivated when I am surrounded by creative women (and men!!!!!). The ideas flow, the urge to pick up a hook or punch needle increases and yeah something actually gets done! So a few pix of finished pieces…

Helen punched this beautiful piece up in 2 days… (not sure who the designer is)


I hooked this Briarwood Folkart piece…image-1

and Helen finished off her Teresa Kogut rabbits…

I also finished off this adaptation of one of the Karla Gerard patterns I carry – it turned out to be exactly the size I needed to put on the front of an old candle box (that had been sitting on the shelf gathering dust for many years) – how amazing was that!!!… Now the question is – do I paint the candle box. Gord thinks I would lose all the wonderful patina and aged look – I think it is kind of blah the way it is and needs some hmmm colour! and life! The punch needle will be attached to the front of the box and fits perfectly…



I am happy to say I now have a new supply of beautiful Hartman hooks in various larger sizes from 6 to 9 mm with ball and pear and ergo handle. If you have never used one of these beautiful hooks made in Ireland they are a dream to work with – the handle feels like silk and the shaft is tapered so that it slides into the backing easily and then as you push it down the shaft widens the hole so that you can pull up wider cut strips without damaging wrist, elbow or shoulder. Email me for details on the sizes and price.

And I am excited to announce that I now carry some of Teresa Kogut’s beautiful miniature punch needle patterns as well as Valdani threads – email me for details. These are the patterns I currently have in stock and they can be kitted up with the beautiful variegated Valdani threads. I will be stocking more patterns shortly but thought these would be a wonderful start. I also can do up most of the Karla Gerard patterns I carry as punch needle patterns. And if you want to see a selection of the patterns by Wendy T. refer to my June 2016 posts where I included pix of some of the lovely patterns she has put together.








The day before yesterday we went junkin with friends Bill and Diane. Love it when they come to visit because they ALWAYS want a day in the junk stores. So here is what we bought in Smiths Falls and Perth…

My purchases – a braiding set intact from 1949 with 2 sets of braiding tools and thread and needle!!!!! and a wonderful scoop for a punch needle. Great door that I am sanding down and turning into a chalkboard with a hooked piece in the bottom and wonderful chalk paints from Art & Class in Perth.  I also got a great new suitcase that Gord discovered and an oil can to use as a base for my quillie tree…


Diane’s haul – somewhat!!! larger than mine :-)… image-1

I will be back at Stitch by Stitch Tuesday January the 10th so hope to see some of you there. In the meantime HAPPY NEW YEAR. May 2017 be a year of peace and plenty for everyone. We live in such turbulent and often sad times that hopefully 2017 will be a year of change for the better.