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Sherri sent me pix of the stockings which we designed and colour planned and dyed for together. What an incredible job she did – her son,Joe is a musician and asked to have a horn – not an easy task. The hollyhocks represent Vi in Vietnamese. The three stockings were not hung by the chimney but were hung with care and love…

And this week our friends Bill and Diane are with us for a week of junkin, eating, cards and CREATING… Bill and Gord made us fish out of pallet wood and barn wood and a wonky beaded necklace…still to be brushed with a bit of paint…and yes mine does finally have an eye instead of just an empty socket…

I don’t eat fish with the head on 🙂 …

Gord made us bootjack stands which I painted and distressed – Diane punched these two small pieces Thursday to attach to hers…

and I finally finished punching (started this a few months ago but did not love it but after some rejigging and redrawing I now do) my Christ-cat to go on mine…

AND we finished our hats! Years ago I made hats and sold them and never kept one for myself so since everyone seems to be on the hat kick we decided to jump on the band wagon and make one for ourselves…

Yesterday, we went to the Real Canadian Wool store in Carleton Place where Diane got a ton of beautiful 100% wool yarns for Oxford punching as she is now working on mat number 11 for her shelf and then on to Almonte where we met Wendo and went junking! Found a new pop up antique store and oh my! did we buy! haha… Wendo finished her second lovely Penny Tree…which seconds later was felled by her beautiful Maine Coon cat Noel!…

so a wonderful week and lots of creative hours later I WISH YOU A HAPPY NEW YEAR AND MAY 2023 BRING YOU ALL YOU WISH FOR…

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  1. I’m loving everything….especially those hats Loretta!

  2. Love the stockings. The shape of the foot is a bit different from others I hVE seen. Maybe a thought for next Christmas’s gifts. Do you sell patterns for them???? Nancy

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  3. Hats are wonderful. Merry Christmas ,Happy new year and good health. Beth

  4. Thank you for the design, beautifully dyed wool and guidance on the stockings. They were a hit.

    Love the hats. Hugs

  5. I love those hats! Although I don’t really wear hats, is there a pattern for one with finishing directions? Thanks you and Happy New Year!!!Marlene

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  6. Your beautiful cat Noel is amazing. Love the picture. She reminds me of my granddaughters cat Bella who was actually a feral rescue. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Love the Maine Coon Cat!

  8. LOVE – LOVE – LOVE…..all of these wonderful New Years Eve Day offerings.
    What a wonderful way to round out 2022 but with a Show and Share and celebrate the talents and gifts that so many artist have!
    All the best for 2023 XO

  9. Such Beautiful and creative work lads a lasses. Love the boot jacks. Happy New Year Nancy

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  10. Sending blessings and prayers for a wonderful 2023 Hugs, Irene

  11. Beautiful work ! Wishing you and yours a Very Happy New Year! Cheers , Leslie Koenig.

  12. Thank you for the lovely blog you share with us! It’s such a joy to see the beautiful pieces, read about your adventures and be inspired to create too. Best wishes for a fabulous 2023!

  13. Good morning Loretta and Happy New Year. I love your blog. It always puts a smile on my face. I am thinking you should offer a workshop on that hat. I would love to have one and truly learn how to make them. I have the book but it sounds daunting to start out on my own.

    Tell Wendo her cat is gorgeous. I baby sit a 19year old Himalyian, male. cat quite frequently. He is a bit grumpy.

    Your hats are gorgeous.

    Penny Rose



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