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For many, many years a small group of us have been meeting at rug retreats and at our yearly Christmas party. After a forced Covid hiatus, last year we resumed our Christmas Party and AMAZING gift exchange. This year we were able to hold it again – this time at our house rather than Laura’s beautiful home. As I rushed around the house in a panic, moving furniture, sucking up dust bunnies that had not been displaced in a year, trying to prepare edible food, decorating like Martha, I asked myself WHYYYYY did I say I would do this at my house? And then, yesterday, I remembered why (no, not for the leftovers or hostess gifts!!! although I won’t need to cook for days!!!) but for the joy of sharing my day with dear friends I have known for so, so many years. We have lost members of our group over the years and remember them with laughter and tears; we have shared joyous moments when children married and grandkids arrived and the heartbreak of losing loved ones. So, being able to get together again to share the good and the sad was a wonderful gift.

AND THEN OF COURSE THERE ARE THE HAND MADE GIFTS!!!! I am always amazed at, and inspired by the creativity that comes out of this group!

Ladies, I treasure your friendship and look forward to getting together again next Christmas(and of course before then)…

Some pix of the day and the pressies…

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  1. Oh I want that sheep wreath!! Such a beautiful home, friends and that gifts are amazing!

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    Wow-that’s truly a treasure trove of joy! Merry Christmas to you. Beth PS-Anne not doing so well-a bout of Covid recently -not bouncing back-we are concerned about her-she’s not sharing info with her daughters who are nurses!

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  3. Awwhhhh!
    So much fun, food and fellowship!
    Looks like you all had a great time….I am sure there were lots of giggles too.
    Gifts exchanged were amazing as well – do creative 🙂

  4. Loved that sheep wreath too.. Is the pattern available? Looked like a wonderful time.

  5. Would love to know how the sheep wreath was made.
    Its amazing.

  6. You had it at your place because you have such a beautiful house to share. It made me think of Germaine James’s old place where we went for the Blues Chaser weekends. The items displayed were all beautiful–and interesting! Merry Christmas!

  7. Looks fabulous, Loretta: Merry Christmas to you & Gord & thanks for all you do to keep people inspired. Your words lift my spirits.


  8. Hello, I love the striped cat on the coffee table. Would you happen to know if something similar is available for sale? Thank you.




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