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Finally finished my turkey and punkins rug (Wild Cranberry rughooking pattern adapted to fit my spot). I held off as I wanted to use it as a sample in my finishing class this past Thursday so could not showbind it till I got home – finished it off yesterday along with a few other small samples from my class. So hmmm, it is a little late going up on the wall as our Canadian Thanksgiving was almost a month ago – butttttt I am early for American Thanksgiving so this year I am celebrating both and will leave my turkey on the wall for another month 🙂 . That does not mean, however, that there will be a turkey in the oven for upcoming Thanksgiving!!!

Also finished off my Witchy woman (pattern adapted from a NFF pattern) and Snow Angels (one of my Shelly Atkinson patterns)…

Now I am working on pennies for a penny Christmas tree and have been told in no uncertain terms by Andrea TO STOP WORKING ON MY SAILING SHIPS RUG. Otherwise, her itchy fingers may have to start working on hers as well. So, I do have a Christmas pattern to draw on linen and dye for (or pull off the shelves for) and maybe fix one of the antique rugs… So lots to do…

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  1. Love seeing your work. There is joy in every piece.

  2. Carol Bretzloff

    I love these rugs, particularly the witch. The colours used in each rug are very subtle and very beautiful. These works of art are an inspiration for all of us. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Love your little vignette – it truly reflects who you are.
    And it’s never too late (or early) to celebrate Thanksgiving 🙂 Bring on the turkey!
    I’m in love with the snow angels….makes me want to join them…
    Thanks for posting 🙂


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