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A few pieces to share…

Wendy finally finished show binding the edges of her Pig in Posies and hung her (yikes I mean the rug) under a wonderful shelf full of her collection of tea pots. I love the idea of hanging pieces under shelves – and then changing them seasonally. I have a shelf in my living room and the rugs underneath it get changed on a regular basis (well if I remember).

Almost time to change out fall for winter (working on a new fall piece which may not make it onto the wall until next fall)…

The hooking is finished on my new fall rug but I am holding on to it as part of a finishing class for next week – then showbind it and up even though it may be a tad late. This is an adaptation of a wonderful pattern I bought from Wild Cranberry hooked rugs – I needed to make it a tad longer than the original pattern so put in an extra punkin and more tongues around the edge… If you look closely you will see the wishbone hooked into the background behind the turkey (very subtle – did not want to alarm him!!!)…

Linda sent me pix of her lovely, completed Deanne Fitzpatrick pieces…

Diane finished another rug to hang on her wall under her shelf…this is the January rug – next??? February, March…

Remember when spreadable cheddar cheese came in brown stoneware crocks instead of plastic containers! The crocks were beautiful and could be reused. I found this one at an antique and collectibles store and just mounted my punkin to the front of it. The crock has a lovely bar which locks down the lid – great for storing special tea or needles and threads…

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  1. Wonderful pieces of hooked art. Very inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

  2. These are really lovely pieces. Putting a spark in my heart to get going. First though I have to tidy up my craft room cuz I can’t find a darned thing in it. Why oh why do I do this to myself?

    Great post as always.

  3. Just what I needed on this dreary Monday morning.
    Thanks for the lovely posts…….am enjoying the undermount display of monthly rugs.

  4. Good morning my dear!
    Loving all the pieces you posted today!! I am read that you are having a finishing class next week. Can you give me more details about this? Is there room for me to attend?

    Hope you are keeping cozy on this dreary day.

  5. Love the mounted work in the cheese crock! Can you share Métis you used to mount? Glue gun maybe?


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