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The other day I got to drive the man toy = the honkin big John Deere tractor!!!! What led to this was an advertisement Gord got on his phone for a leaf blower on wheels!!!! No no no I said = you just bought a new leaf blower two years ago = we now have two! The new one was a back pack as the old one just was not strong enough to blow 5 million leaves on 8 acres of land. So the new one is much stronger and can be put on your back as it is also much heavier. But when Gord saw the one with WHEELS! welllll the wheels started turning!!!! He would be able to do the km long driveway in no time flat! and would not have to carry the blower on his back! Well, 500 dollars and my wheels started turning! We have a big tractor, which at this time of year constantly has a long trailer attached to it so that we can just dump all the cuttings from cleaning out the gardens into the trailer and then once a day schlepp it up to the dumping spot. Well, why could I not drive the tractor and Gord could sit in the back with his back pack leaf blower and without exercising his legs he could blow the leaves off as I drove slowly up the driveway.

Gord’s first thought, I am sure, was SHE DOESNT DRIVE THE CAR – HOW CAN SHE DRIVE A TRACTOR. But, as I reminded him, when I was a teenager my dad got me a job on a friends tobacco farm. I was the official stick shaker but one day when there was no tobacco to go into the kilns I had to help in the fields. Well, I was given the job of driving the tractor – a beat up old beast. Although I had my beginners license, I had never driven a tractor and it was a bit more confusing than ours is. I started out okay and then proceeded to drive over the metal baskets that held the uncured tobacco leaves – flattening three of them! Needless to say, my tractor driving days ended quickly and I was consigned to picking! instead of driving.

But I climbed into the cab of our tractor and with a few instructions and outfitted in my best tractor driving clothes – my babushka, my dads old flannel jacket, my muddy billy boots and plaid flannel pants and with Gord sitting on the wall of the trailer, off we went. Slowwwwly! But, within 45 minutes the entire driveway was done with no driving off the road or flattening of anything. However, next time I think we will put one of the lawn chairs in the back for Gord to sit in as his bony butt was pretty sore by the end of 45 minutes. So, here’s the picture (a good rug I think) – me driving in my Sunday best with Gord sitting on a lawn chair in the back of the trailer armed with his trusty leaf blower – Beverly Hills here we come!!!!

And now for a bit of show and tell…

Wendy finished these two lovely pieces – the shaded flowers design is by Sue Perry and was a class…

and I finally attached my Pumpkin punch needle to a vintage flour sifter, placed floral foam in the bottom and collected some fall leaves. Sadly, all the really colourful ones are up way tooooo high for me to pick so I have to be satisfied with the ones on the ground that the squirrel has cut for me…

and Diane sent me a picture of her Oxford punched skinny tree attached to a barrel stave and barrel ring that we salvaged from the burn pile and had our hubbies make into ART! The plan is to embellish the ring with greenery and whitery for the holidays and the motto is NEVER throw ANYTHING away haha…

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  1. OMGOSH! Loretta, you are a hoot and very clever. Sorry Gord, no more expensive toys for you. Heehee

    As for me…I still have to sew my piece on the back of my piggy to put the stick through. Oh I’ll get there…some day!

    Enjoy the last warm day. Wendy


  2. I want to see the picture of you on the tractor! I had to learn to drive our tractor last year so that Iwould be able to maintain our property, cut grass, weed whack and mini bushogging. The first time I climbed on it I cried but, I feel very empowered now. The darn grass just keeps on growing though. lots of love Weezie

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  3. Can’t wait for the rug!

  4. I can’t stop laughing at the sight of you two going up your driveway blowing leaves. I especially like the comment about Beverley Hills. this image is going to stick with me all day. Keep up the writing. I enjoyed the rugs also.

  5. Martha Brownell

    I would like to see a picture or two of the leaf blowing couple and tractor. Loved the cooperation between the two of you. What ever works.

  6. Hello Loretta, funny story but where s a will there is a way! Good for you to add another accomplishment to your long list of talents. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and sure hope there is a show somewhere I can get to some time soon. Was so sorry to have missed fiercest! Cheers Leslie Koenig

  7. The leaf blowing episode would make an excellent idea for a rug

  8. Now that is a visual 🤣. Love it!

  9. Thanks for the visual description of this very amusing tale…….I was laughing out loud!
    Love the completed pieces too…..
    You always have a way of making our day brighter…..

  10. Oh my goodness that picture of you driving and Gord in the back in my mind was too funny, love the use of the sifter. Happy Thanksgiving

  11. Marjorie tried to read this out loud at RVBB today and had to keep stopping to laugh…Gord’s bony butt indeed! Give him a cushion instead…a chair would be too high…he won’t be able to reach the leaves!

  12. Christine Van Hees

    Hi Loretta

    That is quite the storey, you live a colourful life!! Sadly there was no photo of Gord or the tractor. Did it not get posted? christine

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  13. Bettyu G. Howard

    Your message made my day. That sense of humor lifts ones spirit. What a gem you are. You should be writing sitcoms on TV! Best, Betty Howard

  14. So artistic with how you find things for the rug bookings to live on. Seems like a great way to get rid of the leaves (guess you don’t have enough wind which is why we never need to rake!) and driving a tractor isn’t much different than a vehicle. Being a farm girl that was the first thing I learnt how to drive!.

  15. No pic … Didn’t happen!


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