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Finally, the huge rug that has been languishing in my basement for about a year is done! A friend brought this to me with the center done and a bit of the border. It took a long time – I have no idea how people hook room size rugs. I became a master contortionist – part on a card table in front of me, part on the couch beside me and part on the frame in my lap. Thank goodness it is primitive!!!! but I am happy with the way it turned out – and even happier that it is done!!!! and the owner can whip the edges herself!! cause I AM NOT WHIPPING THAT RUG. 🙂 .

Also finished another outdoor project – decided one side of the end of the driveway looked sooooo good – you should see the grass – despite the lack of rain I guess the nights were so cool after we put down seed 2 weeks ago that there was enough dew to make seed grow – it is about 5 inches high and in the rain the other day got knocked down so that it looks like a really bad combover BUT IS STILL GREEEEEN – that we decided to do the other side of the entrance. So cleaned it up, had the excavator in to dig out the drainage ditch (which in spring is a lovely froggy pond), build a retaining wall with free boulders from the granite ridge in the woods, levelled everything out and put down the sand fill. The rest will be done next year – yup, already planning the spring jobs 🙂 !

and now a bit of show and tell…

Diane finished Oxford punching her October mat – that turkey cannot decide – big acorn or BIGGER!!!! acorn…

Denise finished this sweet mixed media bird mat done during an online class with Jackie Alcock…

and an amazing rug and story from Elizabeth “a family rug that tells the story of my daughter’s family and our collective experiences in Ontario, Alberta , Australia and my British roots. It was a challenge getting everyone’s interests and experiences into a cohesive design, but I am quite pleased with the results. It graces my front foyer and is intended to be well used. A “welcome mat” that announces the love and cherished moments of GranE.

and two small pieces I finished – one hooked santa for a class on finishing – this one will have a braided edge and one mini punch needle mounted in a lovely cherry frame. Once again I struggled with sizing – drew it out exactly the size it needed to be to fit just inside the edge of the frame but by the time it was done it was a bit wonky so I added in a bit down half of one side and along the bottom just under the snowman. Then pressed and THANK GOODNESS I did not cut it as the steaming from the back shrank it and now I was missing 2 rows along the top!!! So back on the frame it went and punched in those two missing rows and PERFECT FIT!

Now on to a commissioned punch needle of Shiver (my penguin).

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  1. Always a pleasure seeing your posts and projects.
    Well done on that big rug!

  2. Congratulations on finishing that huge rug. It is really a beauty I must say. You have done a superb job of finishing it. I needed to see these happy posts today and hear your story about plans for your outdoors next year. Have just finished writing my dear mum’s obit. She died yesterday. today I feel quite scattered but this post gave me a wonderful smile.

  3. would love to take the class in Martintown but only have one small unfinished piece. Good luck with the instructions. Irene

  4. They all look fantastic great job ladies

  5. The rug is inspirational. Well done!!!

  6. Well done girl! You did a lovely job on the circular rug….the owner should be pleased.
    Love the other pieces as well. It is so much fun when a rug or a hooked piece comes with a little story…..
    Well done everyone!

  7. Both those floor mats are stunning. That’s what I want to do someday. Wish I could find a class for in person.


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