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I have been busy having fun and dyeing up new wool thread colours (in between dyeing wool for rughooking). Here are a few new colours available in fingering yarn good for your medium tip Ultrapunch…

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  1. This is so great that you are doing this Loretta! Nice alternative to Valdani thread!👍

  2. Wow great colours just makes your brain go into overtime.

  3. Great idea and good luck . Anne B.

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  4. Simply beautiful!
    Eye candy for sure – can’t wait to see the works of art made from these….

  5. Sharon Harrison

    Loretta, could I order 3 of your merino wools. Lemon lime, key lime and old gold. Send me the price and I will e transfer the money. Will you be dying any other colours, light blues for example. Sharon Harrison

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  6. Sharon Harrison

    Also do you carry the med needle for the ultra punch, if so I would like one of these.



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