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Lynn’s version of my Twin Horses rughooking pattern – beautifully hooked …

Karen’s lovely thistle rug …

Laura finished hooking my Lion pattern – so wonderfully primitive…

and has been busy felting beautiful mittens…

Friends, Bill and Diane, spent the weekend here – they helped us finish off the landscaping at the end of the driveway (nothing like inviting people for the weekend and making them work! 🙂 ) – this used to be nothing but weeds and moss so we had it cleared out and boulders placed and added mulch and a few hopefully deer proof plants and seed – and now if it would only rain!!! so our seed would germinate as the end of the driveway is half a km from the house and water source!!!!

and then we had a blast punching and hooking and making the boys play in the garage – here is what they worked on this weekend – converting old window frames into shelves…

I still have to wax my frame (and find a spot for it). Had thought about painting it as it was pretty chippy peely but you know I love that old, grungy look so I am just going to wax it…

and Diane chalk painted and antiqued hers…

She also started and finished another rug to hang under her living room shelf – just in time to hang it NOW… and we planned out the October mat and thought about all the other missing months!!!…

added a new hooker to the bunch…

I finished hooking a mat that friend Linda had started but despaired of ever finishing so I took on the job – now that this one is behind me and weather is chilly I will finish the huge rug that has been languishing in the tv room (too heavy to carry around during the summer)…

I punched this small piece which is mounted on a vintage gun powder can – plan is to make a white wool flower to pop into the top…

and mounted this one to a vintage oil can (pattern by Wild Cranberry Rughooking)…

and punched this one which will probably be attached to another box – this is a scaled down version of my hooked Primitive Chickens rug pattern and is now available as a punch needle (miniature) pattern or kit (hand dyed fingering yarns that fit your Ultrapunch medium tip)…

and finally got around to painting, distressing and antiquing the wall box that this little punch needle is now attached to (pattern by Margaret Shaw)…

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  1. Enjoyed the works by everyone.

  2. Wow Loretta your home must be filled to brimming with beautiful antiques embellished with your signature punch hooking. I am so impressed and, its so wonderful to have friends that share your passion. lots of love Weezie xxx

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Whose pattern is the pumpkin rug. Would love to buy the pattern.

    Linda 🌺


  4. Wow very busy time you had but fun, makes me want to do more as well. Do you have any antique places around you that are good to find small things to go with punching?

    • Hi Gail. all my pieces are mostly bought for mini punch needle mounts. I go to smiths falls – there are two great antique stores – then through RIDEAU ferry where we stop at millers and then on to Perth to the antique store (used to be called Hoffmans) and then up to Almonte where there are 3 or 4 antique stores!!!! There is also a good one in Deseronto called Karen’s antiques. hope this helps. dont clean them all out – leave something for me haha…

      • Thanks I will check some out this fall and in the spring. Your friends dog id adorable I also have a cat we rescued 3 yrs, ago the Feb. He has come a long way and getting more trusting and follows us around in side cat, I he still does not like being picked up for more than a few min, but we love him and he snuggles on his terms. First cat always had dogs before. Your work is an inspiration and hope I can get half as good.

      • all of our cats are rescues. one is a thug though and the other two either hate or just tolerate him. he would prefer to be an only child haha. have fun junking!

  5. Is that your dog???? He is a sweetie!!!! What breed? Nancy

    Sent from Nancy’s iPad


  6. I am so in love with your junkin finds and how you so beautifully change them into objets d’arts. I love them.

    The garden at the end of the driveway is looking really lovely with a fine welcome sign to Hooked on the Lake. Beautiful.

    Wish I were as ambitious as you are. Oh almost forgot that little dog is such a sweetie. I would adopt him instantly .

  7. All beautiful pieces. Your landscaping is looking great, what would we do without friends? Your dog is too cute!

  8. These are lovely!  Will you be attending any shows to sell this year, Loretta?


    Thank you.

  9. Thank you for posting the wonderful pictures of completed pieces.
    Always inspiring and always timely!

  10. Love looking at your beautiful rug hooking projects.


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