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Diane finished punching this fun new piece to hang underneath her shelf. When we designed it we remembered back to our childhood when our mittens were always attached to a cord that ran through our coats and down our sleeves so that we could NOT lose a mitten – hence the cord falling off the rug (this pattern is available). Diane has decided (with a little encouragement 🙂 from me) to hook a rug for every month of the year – 4 down 8 to go! but what fun… next one is pumpkins and gourds and fall leaves for October…

Chris finished triple whipping this lovely rug – pattern available from Isabelle Rollin…

Finally got around to attaching my Tom Thomson to the beautiful box with drawer…

and just finished a LISA FERGUSON punch needle pattern and attached it to a vintage tin file box… I think my rabbit has been rooting for carrots for a while as his nose is a little dirty – kind of like our little chipmunk who comes for peanuts every morning – his name switches from Alvin to Schmutznase(dirty nose) depending on whether he has been “planting” or not…

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  1. Thanks Loretta, it cheers me up to see your postings.

  2. Wow, I really love what you’ve done with the canoe, mounting it on that beautiful box, simply stunning! xxx

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  3. I just love the way you mount all your pieces! That makes them so special! Thanks for all your sharing!

  4. Schmutznase! May have to borrow that one!😆

  5. How do you attach the pieces to the surface of cans, wood etc?

  6. koalachocolateelektra47084

    I remember meeting your sister a couple of times I visited! Her work is very nice!
    Karen Mutter

  7. Wonderful pieces.
    I love the challenge to hook a monthly mat to go under the shelf.
    I remember those mitten strings too!

    • notice how DIANE is doing the challenge – not me!!!! I have a shelf too but I only have 2 seasonal rugs to go under it – oh maybe a punkin one for the fall so make that 3 haha…


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