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After finishing The Canoe I needed a mental break – something that would not be quite as challenging! So I resized one of my rughooking kits into a mini punch needle kit and finished it in two days. I dyed colours similar to the colours in my rughooking kit including one of my favourite primitive backgrounds, Dirty Tan (we know how much I love dirty colours!). This piece is in the process of being attached to a vintage original-red wooden cigar box with a fabric hinged lid (finished piece is for sale on my Items for Sale page) – so it becomes functional and decorative at the same time and allows me to upcycle a lovely old piece of hmm, junk!!!!

So I have listed the mini punch needle pattern and kit on my Mini Punch needle page and am adding Dirty Tan to my hand dyed threads for mini punch needle list.

This was the original hooked rug kit…

and the mini punched piece on the vintage box (not attached but in process)… oooops just realised I forgot to flip him!!!! oh well – they are roosters who cannot figure out where they are heading!….

I have also listed The Canoe as a pattern/kit for mini punch needle (kitted with hand dyed fingering yarns suitable for ultrapunch medium tip).

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! I love the way you mount your pieces!

  2. Love it, I must try your new yarn soon.

  3. Interested in owl pattern. Others also. Very clever


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