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Because of supply issues with Valdani threads, most of my mini punching these days has been done with 100% merino wool fingering yarn which I either buy in large beautiful skeins from a wonderful dyer/supplier or which I spot dye myself in colours that I need or love. These work beautifully in the Ultrapunch medium tip and I am able to dye any colour I want rather than having to wait or make do with something that is not quite right. I have a wonderful supply of colours skeined in approximately 50 yard mini skeins for sale. Skeins are 6.00 Canadian each plus tax and shipping and compared to the balls of number 8 Perle cotton go just as far if not a bit further because the wool yarn fluffs a bit more and fills in better. They punch exactly like the Valdani and can either be mixed with Valdani and DMC embroidery cotton or worked up beautifully on their own.

Here are some of the in stock colours –most labelled skeins I can redo anytime, unlabelled are ones that are one-ofs or which I only have a few of…

ORRRRR…If you would like a specific colour contact me and I should be able to make it up for you.

Here are a few pieces that have been punched either fully with the hand dyed merino yarn or are mixed with Valdani perle cotton…

This one was totally done in the yarn threads…

As was this one…

and this one…

This one is a mix – the tree and sky and snow were done in yarn threads and the rest was done in perle cottons…

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  1. Wonderful colours and beautifully hooked pieces! šŸ˜

  2. Lovely!
    The merino is so beautiful and the colours are amazing.
    Nice that you can dye to suit the need or purpose.


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