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Patricia sent pix of her wool appliqué pieces – Still Waters is a Crane Design pattern and the second piece is a design by Karen Yaffe…I am happy to say that many of the wools used in these 2 pieces came from my studio…

Karen sent me a picture of her lovely rug – design by Isabelle Rollin (I carry Isabelle’s mini punch needle patterns but she also sells rughooking patterns which are lovely)…

A different Karen sent me pix of her wonderful Blooming Birches (one of my Karla Gerard designs) using only left over worms and yarns…

Susan’s rug Winter Fox (one of my LISA FERGUSON designs) – perfect setting 🙂 …

Liz shared her almost finished Parcheesi Board and story…

Helen just finished her Sunflowers mini punch needle piece – lovely as always…done in hand dyed fingering yarns (which I carry – email me if you would like to see some of the colours)…

Diane Oxford-punched her flower mat in 2 days!!!! Design by Jill Mayberg..

and Karen’s lovely floral mat…

Amy sent me a picture of her mini punched LISA FERGUSON Fox and Crow…

Leslie sent me a picture of her “covidcows” Ann Hallett pattern (who let the cows out)…

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  1. Love those cows!! And that first wall hanging with the felt is so lovely.

  2. Saundra Porter

    OMG, love both Fox rugs!!!!!!

  3. Love the show and tell items! Thanks for posting.
    Nice to see the different creative possibilities – inspiration for sure.

  4. Patricia McCourt

    These are all so lovely Loretta!

  5. koalachocolateelektra47084

    Again, beautiful work by everyone.


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