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Wellll, spring has definitely been a bit of up and down – weather wise that is. One day it is so hot I break into a sweat without even moving and the next day I am putting my woolies on again. Gord is thrilled though – his grass looks like a golf course – well even better actually. The other day he saw, aghhhhhh, a dandelion sprouting in his lawn!!! I thought his heart would stop! But no, he rushed out into the garage and rushed back with a knife and that dandelion had a very short lifespan! Today, he finally had a chance to cut the grass (he did cut it a week ago but it must have been 8 inches tall by today). You KNOW the grass needs cutting when the ducks start making a nest in the middle of the lawn – yup, Mom mallard, watched over by her hubby, was roosting in the grass – we were worried she was actually going to lay her eggs where she roosted but dad moved a little too close and whoosh whoosh the sprayers came on and off the pair of them flew. So at least we have no worries about having to mow around a clutch of duck eggs in the grass. However, the poor little chipmunk was having a hard time finding his way through the grass – all we could see was a tunnel of beaten down grass. So out came the lawnmower this morning and 4 bags later it was done!…

A few lovely pieces to share this week…

Beth finished her lovely Maud Lewis mat…

Nancy’s fun version of one of my kits – in her colours…

Helen’s lovely mini punch needle…

Beth finished her Joyful Sunflower…

and I actually finished a few pieces… first a few punch needle pieces that have been attached to vintage pieces (butter paddle and a child’s dustpan)

The piece below will be attached to a mini watering can…

and the next two pieces were a few of my samples in progress for people to practice on in a finishing class I taught in Beaconsfield – we covered show bindings, pillows, braiding, prodded edge and appliquéd edge (which I do still have to finish). I was counting on the ladies in the class to finish my pieces for me!!! didn’t happen, so gradually I have been finishing them off myself. I may be offering this as a small class in the studio in the next month or so so if you are interested let me know…

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  1. Irene horbay

    Thanks for sharing. looking forward to seeing you this summer.

  2. Hi Loretta

    I’d be interested in your finishing class. I figure the more I take the easier it may get!

    I bought a microwave on the weekend at our neighbors garage sale. They used it in their other house to make popcorn so looks like brand new. I’m hoping once I get caught up n my gardening I can play in the dyepots – hoping I can remember some of what you showed me!

    I’m working away at my piece from rug school. I’m doing the sky first & then will tackle the rest of the water. I have the waves done but putting in the reflection from the sky looks like it will be a challenge. I guess it’s good to push yourself occasionally.

    I made a good start with my plants today. I got my pots out of the garage & some plants moved & some new ones planted. I’ve held off as we got caught last year with a late frost. We’ve been eating our lettuce – so tasty!

    Take care – sending big hugs to my Lucky!

    Regards Edie

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  3. Michelle Garofalo

    I would be interested in the finishing class , hoping ill be feeling much better soon!

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  4. I love the bird & sunflower! Is that pattern available?

  5. Nancy McFarland

    Morning Loretta Those are all very lovely and your sweet little rug punches. I am on a pause with my Isabelle. Need a few more colours of Valdani so may have to come shopping one day . Sometime after June 9. Your finishing class looks fun. So glad Gords grass is flourishing and life is good at the lake. Take care Hugs Nancy

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  6. Another round of completed “beauties”.
    Thanks to many artists who are willing to share photos.


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