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Wonderful dye books and swatches that use Magic Carpet dyes. These are still 2 of my favourite dye books – easy to use and wonderful colours… Price is 50.00 for the dye book and swatch set (2 different sets so when you email me let me know which one you want) plus tax if applicable and shipping. Email me at…

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  1. I would like the second book if it’s still available. Thank you Jane Griggs

  2. I’ll take either of the dye books and swatches please or even both if no one has nabbed one or the other.

    I can get them from you on Saturday.

  3. Hi Lorretta I would love this, the bottom if still available. Heather

    Sent from Mail for Windows

  4. Hi Loretta,

    Which one would be good for me? 😀

    I have no clue about dying?



  5. Leslie Richardson

    Hi Loretta, I will take one set please


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