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ALTHOUGH I do believe that some of the mega piles of snow we have around the house from avalanches off our metal roof may hang around till May! They seem to be rock hard – Gord keeps trying to chip away at them so that the sun can get in at them but many are in shady areas! So, I may have to put up with snow for a while yet.

A few lovely show and tell pieces…

Elizabeth finished her rug Blue Eyed Dragon (pattern by Sharon Kole)…

Helen finished her stunning Sunflower punch needle – this was entirely punched with the hand dyed merino fingering yarns that I now carry for miniature punch needle…

Karen finished her lovely little cardinal mat…

Sandi has been working hard while vacationing in Florida – her latest hooked piece (Karla Gerard Sheep Farm) and a fun piece she did in an art class…I guess this cannot be classified as working!!!! – rather playing hard…

And I finished hooking this small piece which will become a kit. It is based on one of my Karla Gerard patterns but adapted so it looks more like our house – welllllll very loosely!!! based on our house …

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  1. All so lovely!! Thanks for sharing!!!! Nancy

    Sent from Nancy’s iPad


  2. As always, so fun to see other peoples work ( or play😄) Just finished a fun, quick hook … Dancing Bunnies. After a long achy winter, Doug and I decided to get out of Dodge and are now suiting overlooking the ocean in St. Lucia! I have drawn out a Loon pattern from a photo I took last summer. Normally when we travel, we like to rent a car and boot around. This time we’re just staying out, so brought a few projects along. St Lucia’s Covid numbers are good – most people wearing masks.

  3. The last two hooked ones? Are they done with wool strips rather than yarn? That’s the type I want to learn. Is it any different than yarn? I really want to do a couple of floor ones for real use. Does anyone actually do that anymore?

  4. Ruth Reenstra

    Really enjoyed all the wonderful hooked pieces talent abounds!!!!

  5. I enjoy your show and tell so much.  It’s nice to see what everyone is doing.

    Wendy Proulx

    Thank you.


  6. paul fierheller

    Hi Loretta; The punched needle sunflowers is just wonderful. What size needle did she use with the merino fingering yarn. I have ULTRA-PUNCH with medium needle.Would you let me what size I need. Do you still have them for sale.Sunny day here. Just finished another rug I started in 2017. Sent from Mail for Windows HUGS BARBARA FIERHELLER

  7. Hi
    I want to buy your whale rug pattern on linen/ kit . I have been searching everywhere. Do you have any suggestions. I have the book that the whale pattern is in but not sure how to even make a pattern.
    Thank you for any information .


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