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Yes, it has been a long time since I last posted! And I received a number of emails asking if everything was okay – thank you so much for your concern. We are all well – well except for my poor cat Lucky who needs extensive dental surgery for which I may have to remortgage my house! Nope, it was all technology based again! My IMac is 12 years old (yeah for long lasting Apple products). Gord has been bugging me for YEARS to get a new one but I resist change if it is not necessary. And until January it was not necessary. It still works but because of advanced age it could no longer be updated and some programs, including my WordPress blog, no longer were supported. So decision time – do we spend all that money on a new IMac or does my blog just die. I decided, I do really like keeping in touch so, yup we bit the bullet and ordered a new IMac but of course, the waiting time got extended a few times for various reasons as with everything during Covid. Finally it arrived – but then we had to have everything transferred from the old to the new AND load a lot of things on and practice as things had changed somewhat since the last time we updated the old computer. Then LEARNING CURVE yikes – so we decided to keep the old IMac and set it up beside the new one so that we could figure things out. My desk looks like some kind of techie genius’ desk haha and Gord has been busy! Finally today, I feel ready (I think) to try a post. So a few wonderful show and tell pieces have been stored for a few weeks – I hope I remembered who hooked or punched or stitched what…

Colleen’s beautiful Lisa Ferguson Fox in Trilliums hooked piece…

Alyson’s snowflake punch needle ornament…

Dolores finished punching her Karla Gerard 3 Blooms mini punch needle kit…

Diane finished her punch needle runner – this is punched into a store bought runner so no background needed to be punched…

Nancy finished hooking her 3 bears for her grandchild – love this old pattern…

Karen finished hooking her Lighthouse…

Wendy attached her punch needle santa to a fabulous sack and filled it with greenery…

Karen finished hooking her Shelly Atkinson Lunenberg (slightly adapted)…

Beth finished her Deanne Fitzpatrick rug…

Wendy’s stacked animals…

and another by Wendy…

Elaine finished her Karla Gerard Sheep Farm rug…

Rose finished punching her Lisa Ferguson Christmas Journey…

Wendy finished hooking Pig in Posies (one of my designs)…

Diane punched poppies to be attached to a vintage WW1 canteen…

Patsy was inspired on one of her walks to paint and then hook this landscape…

Diane finished punching my Twin Horses and attached the piece to a box we found at the flea market for 5.00!!! and then added trim to frame it…

Kim is almost finished hooking her Hen (one of my Alana Kapell patterns adapted to fit a foot stool)…

Edie’s finished mittens from a class with Winnie Glassine (designed by Winnie)…

Chris finished her Lisa Ferguson Christmas Journey rug…

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  1. Good to see you back.

    Do you know where Nancy got the three bears pattern? I have my great grandmother’s rug of the same pattern. I would like to do another one.



    On Tue, Feb 15, 2022 at 11:39 AM Hooked On The Lake wrote:

    > hookedonthelake posted: ” Yes, it has been a long time since I last > posted! And I received a number of emails asking if everything was okay – > thank you so much for your concern. We are all well – well except for my > poor cat Lucky who needs extensive dental surgery for which I may” >

  2. Hi Loretta, just wondering if you will be at the fiber art show in Peterborough and fenlon falls this year. Chrissy Altelaar

  3. What a great variety of work. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  4. Great to see you back! Nice collection!

  5. Wow – lots of great hooking going on! I’m envious of your new IMac. Mine is the same age and still woks, but like you said, won’t support the new programs. I read to Doug about how Gord encouraged you to buy a new one, but so far he hasn’t bought into that train of thought ….

    Nice to hear from you 😊

    Sent from my iPhone


  6. Welcome back! I was beginning to wonder like others if all was well in the Moore Estate. Thank goodness it was only a computer glitch. Thanks for posting these lovely lovely pieces. I am busy finishing things at the moment. Didn’t realize I had so many pieces so close to being done. I look forward to more of the magnificent creations to come.

  7. I am glad you are back!!! I hooked the Christmas Journey i would love to send you a picture of it I am very pleased with how it came out.

  8. Laurette Carlson


  9. Lovely work being posted! Happy to hear you are both well, except for poor Lucky…ouch!
    Love seeing how your twin horses look in yet another adaptation! Will you be coming out to RVBB.?

  10. Glad to see you are back. Missed you. Trust you and family are well. Blessings. Irene

    Irene Horbay


  11. Yhaaaa! You’re back!!!
    Thanks for posting all of these wonderful treasures.
    Looks like we could all benefit from a “journal” such as Patsy’s too. Great idea!

  12. Do you have the patterns for the flower by Deloris and or the poppies?

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