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Tom did a lovely job finishing my River Otters pattern…

Karen sent me a picture of her finished tulip mat – the colours are so sunny they make me smile…

Alyson sent pix of her finished punch needle pieces the last one in a teeny Frame from Robin Whitford…

Karen finished her lovely Dory mat…

and Diane sent pix of her finished Oxford punched pillows for her Grandsons who are avid soccer and football fans – the backing fabric was perfect!…

Kim is hooking a rug to cover a stool – we used Alana Kapell’s Hen pattern and added an extra set of legs (as Kim has 4 chickens) and on the sides we added eggs in nests – cannot wait to see how this one finishes up on the stool.

Helen finished her Merry Christmas Eh punch needle (amazing) and is working on punching a beautiful squirrel…

and I finally finished the first of 2 Christmas stockings. This was based on one of the wool appliqué patterns I carry (with permission from the artist). I always add a show binding to the edge and then add wool to the back and line the stocking with cotton (since I have a quilt store quantity of cotton from my quilting days). Now to fill it with fun stuff for my gr-iece for Christmas!!!… Both of these patterns are available as rughooking or appliqué patterns – just email me.

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  1. Nothing brightens my spirit as much as checking to see the creative
    projects on your site!

  2. Christmas is definitely in the air…..
    Congrat’s to the talented artists for all of these lovely pieces.
    The final stocking with the braided loop at the top – too sweet!
    Thanks for sharing.

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